Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk Review

Published: May 24, 2021 10:30 AM /


Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk

It’s hard to know what to say about desks. As long as it stands upright and looks okay, it has fulfilled its purpose. That’s why I was a bit shocked to see the Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk at my doorstep. With a few central little changes and a very gamer-focused look, it certainly catches the eye. It may not be everyone's type of thing but there’s certainly a lot to talk about. 

Building it

The Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk is a very heavy piece of equipment, almost too much for a single person. If you want to have an easier time with it, you should grab some friends. In the box, there are the pieces for the frame, the wood that goes on top, the screws, and the accessories that go on at the very end. 

Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk

You’ll need your own screwdriver or drill, as it doesn’t come in the box, but this is a fairly small inconvenience. Once you’ve got everything set up and ready to go, the process isn’t especially easy, but it's not too difficult either. There are a handful of parts with the wood where you put in screws that could potentially mess up, but someone who has set up furniture before should be skilled enough to handle this. 

It comes with more screws than you need, a nice little addition that stops you frantically searching around like you’ve lost the last puzzle piece. After it's built, stand it up, add the extra little accessories, and do a little stress test to make sure everything’s together. The building experience with this one didn’t feel all that natural and some steps were a little clearer than others, but the desk was built with minimal experience so it’s hard to really say anything was bad about it.

How is it?

Let's start off with all the little accessories. On top of that wood top is a full desk mouse pad, a nice finish that allows some creativity with your desk space. Just underneath the table on one side is a cupholder, on the other is a headphone holder. If your arms are long enough, both can be accessed with ease. 

Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk

I mention arms as this desk is very large at 160 centimeters (63 inches) from one side to the other. It’s heavy and so large that you may need to move around a room or even replace some furniture like I did. If this is a desk you’re looking into, make sure you have room for it. The Flexispot’s biggest annoyance is also its greatest strength. The colossal size leaves you room for multiple monitors, accessories, and even some built-in cable management with a small section underneath. 

There’s a surprising amount of utility earned from the Flexispot. It has two small adjustable holes at the back to feed wires through and a bag underneath to carry them in. This makes wire management easy and clean. The cupholder and headphone holder are a nice addition and a great way of keeping the top uncluttered, something I could certainly get better at in my space. Its huge size allows enough room for monitors and a PC on top. It doesn't come with a compartment on the bottom so putting the tower up top will likely be your only choice unless you want your gaming setup hoovering up any dust on the floor. 

Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk

The Flexispot says it's for gamers in the description and that's very clear from the look of it. The big metal frame on the side, the sharp red and black design, the enormous mousepad —these are all little additions that might put some off. Admittedly, it put me off a little bit but the desk won me over after just a few weeks. The nice little accessories are good to have but the general sturdiness and size was something that kept it around. Its look is a little too much for me, but its functionality makes it worthwhile. 

Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk - Verdict

There are a few central things people think of when they think of a good gaming setup, and a good desk doesn’t tend to be one. You might think that a new desk isn’t a priority. As long as you have a nice keyboard and mouse, you’re most of the way there? That’s until you try a new desk. The Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk is a huge lumbering piece of furniture, but the many little features have added a lot to my everyday experience. If it's the kind of thing you’re looking for, it's hard not to recommend.

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Review Summary

The Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk is a huge lumbering piece of furniture but the many little features have added a lot to my everyday experience. If it's the kind of thing you’re looking for, it's hard not to recommend. (Review Policy)
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