Flexispot BS8 Office Chair Review

Published: September 3, 2021 11:00 AM /


Flexispot BS8 Office chair

Flexispot has a knack for sturdy all rounders to add to your office. We reviewed their ergonomic gaming desk a little while ago and, despite some pretty out there visuals, it provided a pleasant experience that I still use to this day. Although their chair is a much more traditional look, it proves itself as just as usable. 

Building it

I have a bit of a funny story about how this chair got built. A huge box came to my door and I opened it up, only to find my manual missing. I emailed the team asking if this was some strange feature but, within the day or so the response took, I had already built it. It was supposed to come with a manual and I got emailed a nice PDF one but I didn’t even open it up. After all, I’d been using the chair for a day already. 

Flexispot BS8 Office chair

This might have been a complaint about the product if it wasn't for the fact it was so easy to build. Instead, it ended up tasking me with a challenge that the intuitive building blocks solved easily. An indictment became a plus instantly, due to its easy nature. I built this chair by myself, having the knowledge of putting two together before and it was a relatively easy process - almost fun. 

This being said, it is a little heavy so you may be better off having a friend or two to get it going. Coming prepacked with an allen key, you simply have to slot things together and turn the key to get everything in the right place. For the most part, it comes together easily. Of course, you may have a little issue getting everything stood up and in to place, but if you are relatively experienced at putting together chairs, this shouldn’t pose a real challenge. 

Using it

The Flexispot Office Chair BS8 is an incredibly comfortable little chair that took me by surprise. Its understated gray design holds surprising flexibility with its form and shape. Upon first sitting down, it made an impression that the Razer Iskur didn’t; it felt wholly natural. Where the Iskur is designed for a rather specific purpose, this feels like it can be used in tons of different environments. 

Originally designed for an office, I used this in my gaming space and didn’t notice any issues. This is, ultimately, what a good chair should do. It should blend into your setup, often working best when you don’t have to think about it. The base of it is comfort, it feels sturdy and the built-in headrest offers enough support when you’re leaning back to make the movement comfortable, even if it would be nicer if it reclined more. 

Flexispot BS8 Office chair

I also wish the chair could go up a little bit higher but these are very minor nitpicks in the grand scheme of things. The back of the chair has this mesh component that stops you from sitting awkwardly without feeling too rigid and the general feel of the chair is solid. Unlike the flashier chairs with more interesting gimmicks, what this does is provide a decent and comfortable seated experience and it does it well. 

This being said, its lack of a unique selling point is also worth mentioning. This is a good chair but not a wholly unique one. You could likely get something similar in many different places, but its quick build time, soft materials and good price point make it a contender, even if it won’t beat the flashier builds. 

Flexispot BS8 Office chair - Verdict

There are so many little things that go into a good gaming setup, other than your platform of choice. From a nice desk to a good controller, there are lots of things you have to watch out for. Luckily, with the Flexispot BS8, a chair isn’t one of them. It’s sturdy, easy to build and looks fairly understated. Although originally designed for an office space, this fits into my regular gaming sessions with ease, providing comfort after hundreds of hours. Although it doesn't really have a central gimmick or unique selling point, if you like how it looks, it's hard not to recommend it. 

The Flexispot BS8 Office chair was provided to us by Flexipost

The chair is no longer available for purchase directly from their site. You can buy its follow-up, the BS9 from the site now. Our review is currently being worked on. You can also avail of a discount from their site from September 6th to the 13th.

Review Summary

With the Flexispot BS8 Office Chair, they've provided a pretty great experience that's not wholly unique. (Review Policy)
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