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Published: May 16, 2022 10:30 AM /


DXRacer Air With Baby Yoda On It

We spend a lot of time in chairs, especially as many of us both work and game from home more than ever. Now, I've sat in a lot of chairs in my time; gaming chairs, office chairs, or everyone's favorite “folding chairs at the Halo 2 LAN party.” By far, the DXRacer Air is the best chair I've had the pleasure of owning, and in my DXRacer Air review - I'll give you the main reasons why you should consider this chair for use at home.

I've owned a DXRacer Racing Series Chair for about 5 years now, and while I love that chair - the one thing that was always missing for me was the way that it could breathe. As someone who typically "runs warm," long gaming sessions always resulted in a bit of sweatiness - especially in the summer months. Chair reviews are typically pretty boring, so I'll keep my reasoning short and sweet as to why this chair is a must-own for people who want some more open air below and behind them while they work or play.

DXRacer From 3 Angles

DXRacer Air Review - Feel The Breeze

Unlike other DXRacer models, this chair is full mesh. The seat is mesh, and the back is open air mesh as well, with a super comfortable pillow to rest your head against. While it's worth noting that at first the mesh is very hard and uncomfortable, as you spend time in the chair it will relax a bit and become much more comfortable. After about a week, I felt I'd "broken in" the chair, and ever since it's been comfortable and I'm not finding myself incredibly warm all day every day.

I work from home 90% of my time, and then game as well, so having a breathable and durable chair has been fantastic for the last few months. I've taken some time to really use the chair, and even sitting in it for 8+ hours a day for about 4 months - the mesh doesn't feel like it's broken down or really "given" at all, which was a concern I've always had with mesh-based chairs. That speaks to the quality of the mesh, as well as the durability of the chair itself.

The recommended size for the DXRacer Air is 200lbs and up to 5 foot 9. While I meet the weight requirement, I actually am a solid 5 inches higher than recommended for the chair - but it fits me perfectly. Raised at full height, my feet touch the ground perfectly - which is a struggle I've had with past gaming chairs, which were usually too short for my legs. That "just right" sizing for me, has helped me break a few poor habits, such as folding my legs under the chair and hunching over more than I should. I'm able to sit back, and have both legs properly on the floor, and I don't feel any discomfort like I've dealt with before.

DXRacer Air Review - All The Right Choices

The DXRacer has all the standard features you'd want in a gaming chair - you can raise/lower both the chair and the armrests, angle the armrests as you see fit, lean the chair back farther if needed, and lock it from leaning back as well. There's an added bonus in a memory foam pillow to rest your head on that can be shifted up/down as needed, and there's an adjustable lumbar support attached behind the back's mesh. The only thing I've had issues with is the cover that goes over the lever to adjust the angle of the chair - usually when I adjust it pops off, but that's fairly minor!

That said, much like some of DXRacer's other modular designs, you can add some additional "bells and whistles" such as a footrest or a laptop holder, should you care to. I didn't request any, but if you've got interest in tricking this bad boy out completely - you can as shown below!

Modular DXRacer Air Accessories

DX Racer Air Gaming Chair Review | Verdict

This chair is comfortable, sturdy, and durable - if you're a gamer like me that wants a bit more air flow in your chair, I'd recommend taking a look at the DXRacer Air. Even after 5-6 months, I've had near-zero issues with the chair, and the mesh hasn't degraded or "sunk" at all even after countless hours working and gaming in it. It's comfortable, gives me great airflow to stay cool, and is just the right size for my long legs to rest comfortably and without needing to curl them underneath. I don't think I'll need a new gaming chair for a good long while, and that's awesome.

The DXRacer AIr Gaming Chair (AIR/D7200/WQ.G) was reviewed with a sample from the manufacturer.

Review Summary

By far, the DXRacer Air is the best chair I've had the pleasure of owning. (Review Policy)


  • Chair breathes really well
  • Mesh is comfortable and durable
  • Back is supportive and the pillow is great
  • Very comfortable for a taller person with medium build


  • Small plastic cover over the angle lever is finicky
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