Doctor Who: Legacy Review - Timey Wimey Puzzler

December 13, 2013

By: Rutledge Daugette


Let's be honest, Doctor Who fans have been wanting (and needing) a decent game to play, and unfortunately the very broken Doctor Who: Eternity Clock just didn't cut it. Riding on the heels of the 50th Anniversary special, Doctor Who Legacy gives fans a rpg-puzzler to run them back through the many seasons of the show. With a mix of combat-Bejeweled and some RPG and collectible elements, this game is guaranteed to keep any Whovian busy for hours!



The gameplay itself is incredibly simple, but the things between the basics are what make this game enjoyable and keep you coming back. The premise of the gameplay is simple enough, making you match various colored orbs together to create combos, which then allows companions to attack. The way it works, is that each companion is assigned a color, and when that color has a match of 3 or more of similar colors, the character will do damage based on their stats. Chaining combos allows for more damage, attacks, and opens up special abilities for each character. Defeat the various waves of enemies in each "Episode" to continue on in your quest!


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The parts of the game that will really draw you in aren't necessarily the "battles", but the collection and upgrading elements of the game. Each episode you play through has the opportunity to drop various items, such as time fragments, time crystals, or even more companions to bolster your roster. Time crystals can be used to continue if you fail during an episode, and time fragments are used to upgrade your Doctor(s) and Companions, upgrading their special abilities to do more than before. There is also a "levelling" aspect to the game, in which you earn experience for characters by coming out victorious from episodes. Each time a character levels up, you are able to upgrade damage, health, or healing to bolster your team. Healing and Health upgrades affect the team as a whole, while damage only affects the damage of that particular Companion. You can level up to 10 times for every time that you upgrade a companion, allowing for up to level 50 (and 50 stat points) on each. This allows you to grow your team as you wish. It's these RPG Elements that really make the game more than just combat-Bejeweled.


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The premise of the story is that you are leading the doctor (in many forms) through his past, repairing pardoxes as you encounter his many enemies, such as the Cybermen, Daleks, and more! At release, you will get to play through each episode (purely through battles) of Series 7, and then Series 6, with Series 5 to be released for free in early 2014. The game's developers plan to release every series to take you through 50 years of story. The story is pretty simple, but does give you a pretty good adventure.



Simple and to the point, the music for Doctor Who Legacy stays true to the show and accompanies the gameplay incredibly well. Mainly music to set the mood of each part of the game, it works incredibly well in every aspect. The sounds and effects are exactly that, and are seemlessly integrated into the game.


This game isn't mean to be graphically intensive due to the simplicity of the gameplay. That said, the illustrations are fantastic! Each character is a spitting image of their show counterpart, including extra costumes that can be collected as you play, or through promo codes (See the news below for more on that!). Each episode/mission has a backdrop that matches the environment from the series, and is easy to discern where you are, and the illustrations are so good that sometimes you'll spend more time looking at them than playing the game!

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Free to Play, not Pay to Win

This game is free, completely if you want it to be. Yes, you can pay for characters or time crystals, but everything you want to get can also be earned. The ability to go back and play missions over and over without worrying about that pesky "energy" that most games have to make you pay more allows you to play as much as you want to without having to pay a dime. Everything, from time crystals to characters can be earned through playing the game and it's episodes. And all future content and characters is free as well, so you will never be hindered from experiencing everything that Doctor Who: Legacy has to offer.

The Verdict

It's pretty simple, if you like puzzle games or collectable games with some role-playing features added in, this is the game for you. Offering a large amount of base content, with a ton more coming for free, Doctor Who: Legacy is a must-have for any Whovian. If you're not, the game still offers a great experience and enjoyable gameplay for anyone. It's usually hard to make games based on a TV Show, but this game finds a good balance between the Doctor Who universe and an enjoyable game.


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Review Summary

Review Summary


Though not the action game everyone has been looking for, Doctor Who Legacy is a game every Whovian should get their hands on.Though not the action game everyone has been looking for, Doctor Who Legacy is a game every Whovian should get their hands on.