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When discussing reincarnation options, deer is probably not at the top of most lists. However, a few minutes of DEEEER Simulator may change that. Find out what this deer can do in our review.

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Stretch and aim!

Sometimes it’s necessary to explore the weirdest of the weird just to get a sense of perspective on how normal everything else may seem. When it comes to games that go completely off the wall, a logical approach won’t really do you any good. In fact, you’ll just need to do anything you can in hopes of making sense of it all. This is a prime strategy for playing through DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game by Gibier Games. As soon as you begin, you’ll quickly realize that being a deer is the least unusual aspect of the whole experience.

A Deer Account

Walking tall.

When it comes to games such as DEEEER Simulator, one of the challenges is simply trying to figure out what’s going on. While it wouldn’t be surprising if this game didn’t have a story, it kind of does which it brings across in a short introduction. You are a custom-made human being walking and minding your own business when you see a deer standing in the road. As a truck drives towards it, you instinctively dive and push the deer to safety. Sadly, you don’t survive the incident but get the chance to be reborn as a deer. With your new body and powers, it’s up to you to cause as much chaos as possible.

Deer To Some

Gathering followers.

Not every game will be received well, but they try to get a spot in people’s hearts with their antics. DEEEER Simulator is full of antics that you can discover as you play. One of them is the severe lack of seriousness. This game knows exactly what it is and it’s almost too comfortable with it. After the intro ends, you get a short tutorial before being released into the world. Nothing is explained, you can approach almost anything however you want which gives a tremendous sense of freedom.

Despite how ridiculous and broken some of the assets feel, the gameplay is quite solid. You’re able to take off running at a moment’s notice while maintaining sharp control. There are plenty of weapons to pick up and you don’t need to worry about making decisions but each one you get simply attaches itself to your body to create a barrage of bullets. Your extendable neck works as a wild yet effective grappling hook that can be freely used to launch yourself all over the place.

Finally, there’s the cathartic degree that comes from the destructible world. Almost anything can be destroyed in a satisfying fashion as it breaks the part and clears the area. Whether you want to chip away at a building with your fists or take off to grab a sword and explosives, bringing it down feels good.

Oh Deer

Death by koala!

When making a game, mistakes are inevitable and some can cause more harm than others. Even though DEEEER Simulator could make a case for each mistake being intentional, there are some that can’t be ignored. While the amount of freedom is nice, it’s almost too much. When you have such power and easy access to all the strongest toys, the level of satisfaction that comes from using them drops quite noticeably.

Then there’s the size of the game area. There are only two main areas in the game that are around the same size which is that of a large football field. Considering how fast you can run around, you can clear several laps within a few minutes, and then you’ve seen everything. There’s only so much architecture and creatures to take down and when you do, you’re left with an empty sandbox and a bunch of weapons that you can use on anything.

The small size of the environment isn’t helped by the fact that you can clear the main goals in the game relatively quickly. The main obstacle is the animal police force which will send units of escalating strength in order to stop your rampage. Though the waves can be quite large, you can gather an arsenal fast and wipe them all out in a matter of seconds. However, once they’re dealt with, then there’s really nothing left to hold you back. The bosses can be quite a spectacle with some difficulty, but the game is very forgiving with defeats by constantly increasing your health.

Be A Deer

Mech-Suit Up!

DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game is a game where you run around as a deer in a chaotic world to cause even more chaos. It’s silly with lots of freedom and cathartic potential. It suffers from a small environment, easy access to the best assets, and little difficulty. Honestly though, sometimes you need a game like this to blow off steam by blowing up a giant fish in the sky.

TechRaptor reviewed DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game on PC with a copy provided by the publisher. The game is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Review Summary

DEEEER Simulator is a game where you're a deer with impossible physics, a taste for destruction, and little to unleash it upon with weak resistance (Review Policy)


  • Doesn't take itself seriously and embraces the ridiculous
  • Lots of freedom to explore and use weapons on anything
  • Plenty of catharsis to be had in a near-fully destructible world


  • Too much freedom and accessibility received too early
  • The game world is too small for how much power you're given
  • The police and other obstacles provide little to no challenge

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