Crysis 3 Review - What Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

Crysis 3 is the capping-off of the long-running series that made gamers upgrade their rigs over and over again just to play it.

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Crysis 3 Key Art

“What are YOU willing to sacrifice?” In Crysis 3, there is nothing to sacrifice. Crysis 2 was a great game, but Crysis 3…it was even better. From the beginning, the graphics, heads up display, and combat threw me right into the thick of it, and I couldn’t have enjoyed the game any more than I did. Most people think that Call of Duty and Battlefield are the “best” in the FPS genre, but Crysis always pushes the boundaries, both with single and multiplayer. With innovative combat, incredible graphics, and a great story, Crysis 3 offers a gameplay experience that anyone who enjoys a shooter should not turn down.   This time around, you are back in New York City, but instead of being a city, it’s more like an overgrown jungle-city. To go with your new jungle, comes the all-new bow. Yes, a bow. Not commonplace in shooters, the bow in Crysis fits the gameplay perfectly, allowing the player to kill in stealth mode…like Green Arrow.

Crysis 3 Is Filled With Unique Combat

Crysis 3 Dam

Just like in Crysis 2, the series set itself apart from others by having a unique combat system. Crysis 3 is no different, and although the systems are almost identical, thanks to the plot of the game, as you proceed through the campaign, they get even better. (No spoilers, promise). Improving upon the previous game, you still have access to the suit’s Stealth and Armor mode. On top of that, is the Tactical Hud, which allows you to highlight your enemies so that you know where they are at any given moment is incredibly brilliant, and helps tone down the difficulty of the game for those that are playing the highest difficulties.

However, the Tactical enhancement is much cleaner when highlighting enemies, intel, ammo, and arrows. You can see if much more clearly, and easily from behind walls and cover. It is an incredibly life-saving enhancement to the game. The controls and abilities can be controlled in such a fluid, and easy manner, that it almost feels as if you are the one in the suit, without any learning curve. On top of that, run no longer uses energy, allowing you to run around like the Flash all day without tiring! The combat is one of the main features of Crysis that has always stood out, and should they continue to make more games, which they need to, it will continue to stand out.

Crysis 3 - Graphics 

Crysis 3 Visor

The graphics..there are no words. With the right PC, this game looks so incredibly stunning. Playing through the game on the “Ultra” video settings was breathtaking from the start. Everything looks real, and even though it didn’t seem possible, the graphics got even better from Crysis 2 to Crysis 3. There’s not much more that can be said about the graphics. Crytek has always done a phenomenal job with their use of CryEngine, and in the literal urban jungle that is the ruins of New York City, the graphics get to really “strut their stuff” in a big way.

Most games, I don’t pay large amounts of attention to the scenery, but Crysis 3’s visuals were so breathtaking at times, that I actually forced my girlfriend to come over and looked, followed by an exasperated “that’s nice”. Her opinion aside, the game’s graphics will be definitely among the best to come out of 2013. If you have lots of time, it’s fun to run around and see what you can find (I recommend it!). If you rush through this game, focusing on killing, I promise you will miss out on some of the best parts of the game.

Crysis 3 - Story

               Crysis 3 Cutscene

Then we come to the story, which in my opinion, did an incredible job of wrapping up the series (or did it?) Although there was a bit of a gap between Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 that leave you a bit confused, the game slowly brings you up to speed with an excellent use of flashbacks to both Crysis and Crysis 2. Most shooters, the story is hit or miss, but in Crysis 3, the story was excellent. Tying up everything by the end, and finishing it with an epic (and oh so very awesome) conclusion, the story finally fills in the gaps that you were wondering about during Crysis and Crysis 2.If you love shooters, but also need a good story to keep you engaged, this game should be your next purchase.

Through my playthroughs, I was unable to find any real issue with the game. I did find a funny little glitch as I played through (See here!), but other than that, I found no issues with sound, gameplay, or combat.

Crysis 3 - The Final Word

Crysis 3 Scenery

If Crysis 3 truly is the final installment in the phenomenal series by Crytek, I can sleep soundly. It was a great wrap-up to the games, allowing for stunning visuals, engaging and fast paced combat, and a plotline that covered up all the holes I wanted answers for, on top of thing and pieces of the story (which I won’t reveal) that really threw me a curveball! Do not miss this game, you will regret it.

Review Summary

With innovative combat, incredible graphics, and a great story, Crysis 3 offers a gameplay experience that anyone who enjoys a shooter should not turn down (Review Policy)

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