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Published: October 27, 2020 12:00 PM /


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Do you like cats? Are you a fan of neatly organizing spaces and/or puzzle games? Then Cats Organized Neatly may be just the game for you! Developed and published by indie company DU&I, settle in and get ready for some fitted fun by the team behind Virtual Cottage.

Any puzzle fan will be able to tell you that there are certain types of recurring enigmas you find present in the puzzle world. Staple of the genre, if you will. From chessboard conundrums to jumbled jigsaws and muddled mazes, some of these have real, lasting appeal to anyone looking for a good brainteaser. One of these is what I like to affectionately refer to as “fit things in a box” puzzle. I’m sure there’s probably a proper name for it, but that’s a riddle for another day.

techraptor cats organized neatly
Hello, new friend!

Cats Organized Neatly is a game full of “fit things in a box” levels, and the things that you fit in the box are cats. You see now where the title comes from. Unlike real cats, these virtual cats do not ascribe to the philosophy of “if I fits, I sits” and instead take up very defined areas of space. I presume they are already fitsing and sitsing in invisible boxes that they are unable to escape from. For example, the first cat that you are introduced to is named Keeto and he takes up three spaces in a straight line. He has also mastered the fine art of sleeping while sitting, and should be applauded and given many fish treats for this.

Each cat takes up a different amount of spaces, arranged in different ways, and it is your job to make sure they co-exist harmoniously. That means no overlapping cats and no cats hanging out of the grid. Would you like your butt suspended in freefall? I didn’t think so.

techraptor cats organized neatly
I hope they won't knock all these off the table after they're organized

Levels increase in both size and complexity as you go along, and there are 80 different levels to work your way through, with 30 different types of cats to find. Each one has their own name and personality as well as specific shape that they take up. It’s cute, and a nice touch to be able to “meet” different cats and learn more about them as you go. And yes, for those of you who would like to jump from the floor to the counter and skip the chair, you do have to work your way up through the levels in order.

The art style of Cats Organized Neatly is like its gameplay – simple, yet stylish. It’s what I like to think of as professional marker sketch, with bold lines, block colors and just a hint of detail. It really helps keep you focused on what’s really important – cute cats! Background music is soothing and instrumental, but the purrs and meows used as sound effects when you pick cats up or rotate them are absolutely delightful. However, it does make me feel slightly guilty when I have to stand the cats on their heads.

techraptor cats organized neatly
Cat costumes, eh?

While the levels are well-designed and the game’s overall aesthetic is adorable, my biggest gripe is that it’s simply not long enough. With only 80 levels, if you’re an experienced puzzler who’s good at fitting things in a box, it’s easy enough to blow through the game in a day or two, even an afternoon.

If you’re looking for a charming, relaxing puzzle game to take your mind off of the “knocked over glass that shattered on the floor” that is the 2020 of cat antics, look no further than Cats Organized Neatly. Short but sweet, it’ll leave you wishing there was more.

TechRaptor reviewed Cats Organized Neatly on PC with a copy provided by the publisher.

Review Summary

Cats Organized Neatly is a fun, short puzzle game. If you're looking for well-designed puzzles and cute kitties to while away your time with, this is a great pick. (Review Policy)


  • Adorable Cat Aesthetic
  • Well-Designed Levels
  • Cute Kitty Sound Effects


  • Only 80 Levels
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