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Published: September 23, 2021 11:00 AM /

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Audeze Mobius

Headsets can occasionally be hard to fully review. Despite the fact that they all functionally do the same thing, they tend to have their own gimmicks, functions and features. Where one headset might boast its competitive abilities, another might prioritise comfort. The Audeze Mobius kind of does every one of these things, at a very premium price range. It does it very well.

How does it look?

In comparison to other headsets I've tried, the Audeze Mobius is surprisingly understated. With a pure black build, it comes with fairly large ear cups, a nice foam top for where it touches your head, and a mic on the side. If you want it just to listen to music, you can take off that mic and use it normally. 

On the side are tons of little buttons and options. It comes with USB C, aux cable, and Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to use it whatever way you like. This means it requires a mute button, an on button, connectivity ports, two separate volume wheels and the 3D audio switch. Aside from all those buttons, there's not much about the look of the Mobius that makes it stand out. This is a point in its favor, allowing that incredible versatility to shine through

Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset

The Audeze Mobius sounds incredible with a very balanced sound profile and its soft ear cups provide considerable protection from outside noise. It's not noise cancelling, but it certainly is immersive in its design.

With tons of options to change quality and sound, this is an easy headset to put on and just fade out with. This is before mentioning one of its best aspects, the 3D audio.

How does it work?

With a flick of the button, you can turn on or center the 3D audio to localize a sound based on where you're facing. From here, you can move your head around to feel it pan. Functionally, your head works as a gyroscope, moving the sound to appear like it's coming from in front of you. In voice calls, you can essentially place someone's voice in an area and then it will pan like they're there - a very cool but weird piece of tech with some strange applications in-game. 

As part of the press release we were sent, we were told to try out Resident Evil Village, something I was not ready to actually try. Horror games with sounds that legitimately follow you are genuinely terrifying. If you read my review earlier this year, I adored Resident Evil Village. I enjoyed its horror and campiness to an equal degree - providing a game that is as weird as it is charming. I love music but I never paid that much attention to sound in Village - that was a mistake

Although I beat Resident Evil Village months ago, playing with the headphones has urged me to pick it up and make my way through that spooky village again. The Audeze Mobius made me just go through old music and games to see how that experience is shaped by its unique sound profile and 3D audio capabilities. This is a great sign to me. 

The 3D audio isn't the only great thing about the Audeze Mobius. It feels great on the head with plenty of cushioning and has an accompanying piece of software that can flick through sound profiles in a few moments. This allows, frankly, too much customizability for me to really care about, but I appreciate having that option. 

Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset

I don't quite know why or how this happened but, over the last year, I've found myself with different headphones/earphones depending on what I'm using. I might use a light pair of earphones when I'm out or heavy but comfortable headphones at home when I just want to close my eyes to listen to music. 

This extends to my gaming setup, seeing the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 gen 2 become my main Xbox device and a fairly cheap plug-in earphone becoming my PlayStation accessory of choice. Although the limited functionality and sound of using it plugged into the aux jack of an Xbox controller leaves a little to be desired, the Audeze Mobius has replaced everything as a total all-rounder. 

If you want something for only one console, you may find a better more specific headset, but if you're someone who wants something all-purpose, this is one of the very best headphones I've used. 

Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset - Verdict

I've tried out a lot of headsets over the last few years. From super clunky but comfortable fits to RBG laden messes, it's an odd feeling that the relatively understated Audeze Mobius is perhaps the most expensive of the bunch. Luckily, this price comes through with a comfortable fit, great sound quality and tons of connectivity options. If you have all that cash to spend, this is an incredibly attractive package.

The Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset was provided by Audeze and can be purchased on their site now or via Amazon. If you buy it on their site, you can get a free copy of Resident Evil Village.

Review Summary

The Audeze Mobius makes up for its steep cost with great connectivity, deeply customizable sounds and that excellent 3D audio (Review Policy)


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