The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 - "Faith" Review

Published: February 4, 2014 12:00 PM /

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The Wolf Among Us Key Art

At first glance, The Wolf Among us appears to be a new TellTale story centering around a Werewolf by the name of  Bigby, but the story is much, much deeper than that, as we have come to expect from the makers of The Walking Dead story-based game series. With a robust cast of some of the world's treasured fairytale creatures and characters, as well as a story that is sure to draw your attention, The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 is definitely worth your time.

The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 - Gameplay

The gameplay is both simple and engaging, guiding the player through the story through timed dialogue selection and quick time events with different buttons, keeping you on your toes through fight scenes and dialogue alike. Every choice you make has a consequence, no matter how small it is, so making sure you follow along with the timed prompts and events is important. The gameplay is well-paced, doing an excellent job of throwing in some action or exploration between the dialogue and story parts. TellTale made the gameplay simple and easy to do, allowing you to focus more on the engaging story and the game itself.

Let's be honest; when it comes to stories, you cannot go wrong with a story told by TellTale, and The Wolf Among Us (Episode 1) is once again showing us how true it is. These aren't your storybook fairytale creatures. Well, they are, but in a much grittier and realistic way, giving you a pretty dark fairytale story that is complete with your most beloved fairytale creatures. Filled with love and loss, mystery and mischief, we won't reveal the story of the game, but will tell you play as Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of the fairytales who live in Brooklyn, and you are out to find out who murdered one of your own. Part 1 of this series is a fantastic setup to the rest with an excellent story and tons of lore and character interactions, and we're eagerly awaiting episode 2!

The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 - Graphics

If you've played The Walking Dead game that is already out, then you are already very familiar with the cell-shaded art style that accompanies The Wolf Among Us. 3D and beautifully rendered, the artwork accompanies the excellent story, lending more feeling to every environment that you step into. The characters are beautiful details, and the environments are just as nice to look at and explore. Episode 1 of the series takes you through 20+ different scenes as you make your way through the areas in which the characters of the game both inhabit and interact. Make sure to look around as you play; there's a lot to look at!

As many people know, sound is highly important to create a great gameplay experience, and it sometimes even makes or breaks a game through its use. The sounds and music behind The Wolf Among Us is no exception to this by wrapping up the story, gameplay, and visuals and enveloping them in an excellent use of sound and especially voice acting. The voice acting choices for each and every character was perfectly selected and suited the characters perfectly, making every dialogue engaging and worthwhile. You can't help but get even more excited about the future of the series.

The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 - The Verdict

Here's the deal; if you love a good story and engaging audio/visuals, this game is perfect for you. At times, it may be a bit tedious, and you may have a bit of trouble figuring out what to do next for a brief time, but that's part of the game's charm. Anyone who loves a good fairytale with a bit of darkness woven in would do well to get their hands on this game and its season pass.

Review Summary

Simple gameplay with fantastic visuals and audio gives you a wonderful fairytale game with a bit of darkness (Review Policy)


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