[Updated]Spectra Review – Driving into the Void

[Updated]Spectra Review – Driving into the Void

Published: July 9, 2015 1:00 PM /



Update: The reviewer in question incorrectly indicated an iOS/Android port. It was a Windows phone port and the music is available on Apple.

Spectra is a port from the Windows phone-land that switches up a couple of things in the endless runner genre, and I took a look at it in a video review over on the YouTube channel. The game's simple nature and sharp visuals do work, and I do like the twists that the gameplay introduces in regards to actually avoiding points at times to score, which you of course can see the gameplay in the review. The biggest problem I saw with Spectra was the lack of variety and the sustainability over the long haul, and while it does good on the visual side of a mobile port, it just doesn't meet the expectations regarding the content that I would expect from a PC release. But enough talk, let's take a look at Spectra:


For those who don't feel like watching through the entire portion of the game, I basically like the controls and the simple gameplay, but felt like the game could have introduced more obstacles over the long haul, and with only ten music tracks overall, the roots of Spectra being on the mobile device first showed in my opinion. Unlike most mobile ports, however, it was hard to tell the game was on mobile first, which is a good sign of a solidly done port in terms of UI and gameplay. Also, while I love chiptunes, I do think that the range of the chiptunes done here could have been larger, especially for the ten tracks given. Other then that, the gameplay is solid at a simple level, and what's implemented is done well, with little hiccups here and there with the performance.

One thing I'd love to hear feedback on regarding the review is the format. I do want to experiment with the video reviews,as you saw with the format of the Batman: Arkham Knight video review, and I do want to know if you prefer either format over the other, or if you liked/disliked both formats. Leave comments on the YouTube video or down in Disqus below.

Spectra was obtained from the developerand reviewed on the PC platform.

Review Summary


Solid with a twist on gameplay but lacking value in the length department

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