Titans Review - Craft,Collect, Battle!

Mobile gamers who enjoy gambling, crafting, and collecting mechanics will likely find Titans enjoyable, but those seeking a strategic battle card game will be disappointed.

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Titans Key Art depicting a mysterious hooded figure with glowing eyes at the bottom, and various coloosul monsters arranged around the edges of the image. The word Titans is written in a stone-like font in the centre.

Titans is a mobile battle card game from Uken Studios.  First released for iOS devices, the game is now available for Android.  Titans combine elements of crafting along with strategy and real-time multiplayer game mechanics for a unique card-battling experience.

Titans Review

Titans take place in a fantasy universe where alchemists wage war with giant golems crafted from various elements.  Work your way through the storyline as you explore the various environments of the world and once your collection of golems is strong enough you can test your skills against fellow alchemists in a PVP arena.  

With Titans, the crafting element is seamlessly built into both the storyline and the gameplay and not simply tacked on as it is in many other games. In Titans, there are 15 map areas to play through.  There are also over 100 materials to be found throughout these areas.  These unique materials can be used to craft and enhance the golems called Titans.

There are many elements to Titans' gameplay.  To start, players can go on quests in which they will progress through the map area and face random encounters, collect materials, and battle bosses.  On a quest players will be presented with a field of cards that leads to a gate.  The goal is to get to the gate by choosing a card in each row that leads to it.

Drafting and Selecting Cards

Titans mobile card game

The chosen cards in each row are revealed one by one to show either a crafting material or an enemy opponent.  All enemy opponents must be defeated in order to get to the gate and clear the stage.  All materials discovered will be awarded to the player and can be used to craft and upgrade golems in your deck.

This first stage of selecting cards is a simple gambling game.  There's no real strategy to it but getting through a stage without running into an opponent or finding good materials will feel rewarding.  If you run into an opponent, then the real strategic gameplay starts.

The golems that have been selected for your team will battle in a turn-based fashion against a team of enemy Titans.  Some cards have special abilities that can be activated while others will strictly deal damage.  Choose your actions and order of attacks carefully or your Titans may wind up down for the count.

Battling it Out

Titan card battle

If one of your Titans has its HP lowered to zero it won't be able to fight if you run into another opponent before clearing the area.  This can be problematic if you lose a golem before a boss fight, and if your entire team is defeated you can choose to either retreat or pay to revive them.  

Use in-game currency for healing and boosting items and/or recruit the help of fellow players so Titans make it through a fight. Players will be incentivized to go back and replay stages to grind for materials giving it an RPG feel. 

Players must fully enhance a Titan in order to fuse it together with another golem to make a new one.  This helps make even the weakest of the collected Titans in a roster useful.

The storyline is conveyed through text, delivered by still images of NPCs, one runs into while progressing through the quest map.  In this same fashion, the game teaches players how to navigate the menus and mechanics of the game.  

The tutorials for Titans are well executed and do a good job of showing players what they need to do however the story is a bit dry and uninteresting excuses to justify a fantasy war.

Art and Visuals

Titan card crafting

Titan's art style is pretty and imaginative fantasy fare.  The music also is well-composed fantasy tracks fitting for an exciting battle or browsing menus.  Nothing novel, yet it doesn't detract from the gameplay.

Battling through quests is pretty simple and straightforward with minimal necessary strategy; either your team of Titans has more power than the enemy or not.  There's a bit more strategy involved in crafting and comprising your team, choosing the right combination of Titans to use together.  

However, the real strategy in Titans lies in the "Arena Wars". "Arena Wars" are PVP battles where Titans players can pit their best golems against other players in real-time combat.  To play in the Arena players need to have a deck of 20 Titans.

If they haven't collected enough on their own they can pay to draft some golems to fill out their deck.  Players also choose 3 tactics cards that can be purchased in the game shop to use during the game.

In an "Arena War," combat progresses much like in a quest battle with each golem facing off against its opponent but in real-time.  Yet because this is an epic war and not merely a battle, more Titans are involved and it goes on a bit longer.

Between each round players can activate their tactics cards which will give boosts (i.e. health, attack, or defense increases) to their entire team.  Knock out all the opposing Titans and be the last man standing and you'll win the "Arena War" and collect the spoils.

Arena War Gamemode

Titans Arena War

While the "Arena Wars" add more strategy to Titans as a card-collecting battle game, strategy is probably this game's weakest feature.  With PVP battles and ever-increasing quest goals to keep you exploring, collecting, and crafting Titans is fun and has much gameplay available.  

However, there is a lot of micro-transactions going on that may make the term 'pay-to-win' come to mind. Pay for potions, boosts, and summoned golems to keep you in the fight longer and temporarily make your team more powerful.  

A player who invested in these resources, whether through the time it takes to earn in-game currency or real money, to pay for them will absolutely be at an advantage against a player who didn't.  

Titans does not have a waiting mechanic though, making you pay or be denied access to gameplay features, like some other free-to-play micro-transaction games. So it has that going for it.

The Verdict

Mobile gamers who enjoy gambling, crafting, and collecting mechanics will likely find Titans an enjoyable game.  Those looking for a strategic battle card game on mobile however may be a little disappointed with this one.  Titans is a fun battle card collecting game available for iOS and Android from Uken Studios.

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This game was free to download and was reviewed on a Samsung Galaxy S4.

Review Summary

Crafting, collecting and real-time strategy in PVP are fun in solid card collecting battle game, Titans. However, the combat is lacking in strategy and the micro-transactions can make competition un-balanced. (Review Policy)

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