Quiplash Review – Perfect for You, Your friends ... or Strangers on the Internet!

Published: August 25, 2015 9:00 AM /

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Quiplash, a new big party game from Jackbox Games, the same company who is responsible for Fibbage and the popular You Don’t Know Jack series of games, is now out in the hands of the public after being successfully kickstarted. Using the same mobile technology as Fibbage, Quiplash allows you to play with seven of your closest friends as well as have an audience of however many people you can get to play.

For anyone who has played Fibbage or other games in the Jackbox Party Pack, you’d be familiar with the way that the game works—all that is required is one copy of the game and for all of the participants to have a smart phone or computer with access to the Internet. The host machine starts the game and all of the participants head to Jackbox.tv and enter their name and the four digit room code that is provided.

After setting up, the way that the game itself works is that for the first two rounds all the participants will be given a couple of questions or prompts; these might be something like, “Name a new line of men’s perfume” or  “Something you can make out of body hair,” and it’s up to you to enter in your own personal style of comedic answer.  Once everyone’s answers have been entered, one of the prompts and the two answers will be displayed for everyone playing to vote for what they think is the funniest. The final round has a single question asked to all players, the twist being that during the voting process the first 8 participating players get three votes and the audience all only get one.


Quiplash, while having limited questions, has incredible replay value by having such open ended prompts, as even with the same questions, depending on who they’ve been asked to and who else is voting, no two games are the same.

Every now and then while using Jackbox.tv on mobile browsers, it can experience connection issues; I have found this to occur on both iOS and Windows Phone, but the issues never persist for too long—I haven’t had a chance to test this on Android browsers but I expect it's the same.

There is only the one mode to this game, the multiplayer, with 3-8 participating and as many and more in the audience voting on answers. If it doesn’t seem reasonable for that many people to all get together for a game of Quiplash, then don’t worry as Jackbox Games have made this game stream friendly by adding in a streaming mode where the timers for entering and voting on responses is lengthened. This streaming mode allows the party to go even further, as you can invite as many people as you want.

If you’re a parent and feel a game with open ended questions might end up in questionable territory, which it normally does, then it’s also good to know that there is a family friendly setting where certain prompts and answers will be stopped to make sure that all the fun can still be had while staying safe.

Quiplash is currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac from Steam and the Humble Store, the Mac App store and Amazon Fire TV.

This game was purchased by TechRaptor and was reviewed on the Xbox One.

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Quiplash is a great game for a party night with friends or if no one is nearby with friends on the internet, fantastic replayability means it wont get old fast.

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