Quick Wordz Review - Fast iOS Typing

Quick Wordz Review - Fast iOS Typing

Published: March 29, 2015 1:00 PM /


Quick Wordz

Quick Wordz is a word game for iOS, which is based on very quick games and is all about only having 60 seconds to take your turn; if you run out of time, your turn is skipped. It keeps it simple: highlight as many tiles as you would like for the word you want to spell, earn as many points as the word length. The first one to reach 30 points is the winner. It is an easy to learn word game that can be played between 2 people in under 10 minutes.

Where any of the complexity of Quick Wordz comes from is the quick competitive nature of the game. With the way that Quick Wordz is designed, it has two ways to keep you and your opponent constantly trying to figure out the best way to gain points. The first is the rule that any new word requires a letter already placed on the board and two blank tiles. This also means that you can use the majority of a word and veer off in a different direction-- such as 'ability' to 'abilities' or use the entire word for a different one like 'home' to 'homework.' Every letter you use that was for your opponent, takes the points he gained from those letters and gives them to you.

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The second way Quick Wordz keeps its competitive edge is in the special tiles scattered throughout the 7x7 board. While they keep the more traditional word game tiles - bonus points, extra word score for passing through here - they also add tiles that makes a word more difficult to steal, like a word can only go from the right of this letter, or this must be the end of the word. It creates variation in the way each player has to play that often time creates a tense 60 seconds of trying to figure out how to steal as many letters before your turn is simply skipped.

Quick Wordz is a fun quick 10 minute exercise with you and a friend that can be a nice breather when you just want to have a fast competitive game. The only real problem with Quick Wordz is that it has an annoying notification sound that really isn't necessary. I found myself turning off the sound half way through my first match, just because the notification was obnoxious.

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Just make sure you are planning to play it with friends, as auto-matching often times has very slow opponents who will not take their turns for a long time. It wouldn't be a big deal, except for Quick Wordz's only pay wall. You can only have 2 active games without paying a cent. It's irrelevant if you focus on just playing someone you know, but if you want to juggle five or six games while you have nothing else to do, having an opponent that only takes a move every hour is a recipe for frustration.

If you tend to enjoy word games, or just like big words and want to show off to a friend about your vocabulary, Quick Wordz does a good job in keeping a very simple concept and making it enjoyable

Quick Wordz was requested to be reviewed by the developer and was reviewed on iOS devices.

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A competitive word game that is based on very quick 1 on 1 games that test a mix of vocabulary and spelling speed in a tile based board. Fast and enjoyable for quick bouts with friends, although doesn't have much to offer if playing without a friend.

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