Moon Chronicles 3DS Episode 1 Review

Gaming article by Aaron Blevins on Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 09:00

Renegade Kid goes where not many people go.... no not space or the moon...but by releasing a First Person Shooter for the Nintendo 3DS.  Moon Chronicles 3DS is a remake of the original game on the DS but moves towards an episodic release with the first episode launching May 15, 2014 for $8.99.  So is the rare FPS on your Nintendo handheld worth it??

[caption id="attachment_9564" align="alignnone" width="650"]Boss Battles are intense Boss Battles are intense[/caption]

Moon Chronicles 3DS Episode 1 starts out with the discovery of a strange hatch on the moon and you and your team are sent in to investigate.  The cut-scenes bring you up to speed that we know that we aren't alone but we have no idea what is in this hatch.  Immediately things go bad and you are sent in to investigate.  Now right away I was aware that this plays much more like an adventure game than a shooter, with a lot of Episode 1 involving investigating and trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

Moon Chronicles 3DS Episode One brings a variety of control options, whether you use the stylus and circle pad, buttons, or circle pad pro, you will find a play style that fits you best. (I used the stylus and tried the buttons but stylus felt way more natural to me)  Most impressively the game moves at 60 frames per second , even in 3D.  3D on a first person perspective really looks good.  There is a pretty large map and levels feel "spacey" enough to pass, the 3D is the real shining part about the graphics.

Game play starts out a bit slow but gradually builds up and by the end of Episode 1 it will feel more like a shooter with a good bit of action and boss battles.  Throughout Moon Chronicles 3DS, there is a good mix of level design involving finding items, shooting, and using your RAD (remote access droid) to explore by driving it around smaller areas and open up doors to help move about the levels.  Your map is very metroidvaniaish, with downloading information from terminals and giving you a marked area to explore. Enemies early on are a tad annoying, with little flying robot sentries constantly moving around and your assault rifle's recoil really hurts the accuracy of hitting them. The game really picks up halfway through and you can check out some of that action in the video below.

Moon Chronicles 3DS Episode One brings a lot at you setting the ground of what you are to expect from the other episodes.  I was highly impressed at how fluid the game played in 3D and the graphics were impressive for a 3DS title.  The story  slowly builds up throughout episode 1 and comes to a good stopping point. Only complaint would be the early enemies are more annoying than they probably should be.  I am looking forward to future episodes and see exactly where they go with the story and what more they will add to the game-play. Moon Chronicles goes where not many games go, in a gorgeous 3D first person perspective with a great variety of game play.


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