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Marvel Future Fight is the latest mobile game from the world's most popular comics brand that sees you in a pitched battle between characters.

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Marvel Future Fight Key Art Showing an ensemble of Marvel characters in a big brawl with the game's logo in the centre foreground.

Create and manage your own powerful superhero team in Netmarble’s mobile action RPG  Marvel Future Fight. The game features 36 Marvel heroes to play as in addition to many iconic villains to match yourself against.  Marvel Future Fight is available on iTunes and Google Play free-to-play. 

Marvel Future Fight is like an interactive comic book in it’s single player, RPG campaign mode. The graphics are a realistic 3D style true to the source material; however, the limitations of mobile devices mean that heavily costumed characters look better than others. For example, Iron Man looks better than Black Widow.  All around the game looks and sounds pretty good with nothing that detracts or adds much to the experience.

In the RPG campaign of Marvel Future Fight, players progress through missions revealing the story-line in which Ultron has begun making attacks on S.H.I.E.L.D, kidnapping scientists and generally up to bigger, badder trouble making. The Marvel heroes are tasked with getting to the bottom of the mystery and putting an end to things. The story was contributed by established Marvel writer Peter David, and while there’s nothing profound, it’s quite good.

Similar to Marvel Puzzle Quest, the story in Marvel Future Fight is told through dialogue between characters presented in a text box beneath stills of the characters talking.  As the plot unravels more, villains get involved along with some fun alternate dimension shenanigans. There’s no insight given into the characters or unexpected plot twists, but the story works well to move the gameplay along.

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And when it comes to gameplay Marvel Future Fight is all about action and maximizing stats. Players assemble teams of three heroes to play with.  Each hero has their own unique set of skills and can be equipped with a select few from their list to use in combat.  In missions, players can navigate their chosen character through linear levels with a joystick thumb control that ends in a boss fight. Players control one hero at a time but can switch between their assembled team, tag team style.

The controls and fighting mechanics in Marvel Future Fight are simple with perhaps a little skill involved in the timing and placement of attacks. However, most of the strategy for each game is carried out before a mission even begins.  In fact, after beating a mission, it can be replayed with auto play, allowing players to watch the battles progress hands free.  This feature can be less rewarding for those who enjoy the tactile nature of tapping to perform each attack, yet it is undeniably convenient for farming.

Marvel Future Fight really is all about the numbers.  In true RPG fashion, there’s a plethora of gear and skills that can be unlocked and upgraded for each character.  How well you do really comes down to how powerful your heroes are.

In Marvel Future Fight, the attacks of heroes and villains have positive or negative effects on one another based on the type of attack.  This is a nice element to the game because it encourages players to change up their mission roster and play with different heroes instead of just sticking with the highest ranking heroes available.  To do well players should assemble their team based on who will be most effective against their opponent in addition to having powerful characters.

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There are multiple currencies and a myriad of micro-transactions incorporated in Marvel Future Fight. There are materials and currencies needed to upgrade gear and skills as well as purchase items from the store.  The limiting factor in Marvel Future Fight is energy, which is spent to enter missions, and when it runs out players will have to wait for it to refill over time/pay for more before they can play again.

In addition to the RPG campaign, there is also an arena for PVP play.  Regardless of the mode played, Marvel Future Fight does a good job of capturing action which can be difficult to do in a mobile game. While the game does a good job of representing the Marvel universe with superhero action and a comic book feel, the gameplay comes down to making good decisions out of combat and crunching numbers.

This game was free to download and reviewed on a Galaxy S4. How do you think Marvel Future Fight compares to other mobile superhero games?

Review Summary

Marvel Future Fight is a solid superhero game but the gameplay comes down to making good decisions out of combat and going through the motions during combat. (Review Policy)

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