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LEGO Minifigures Online, originally released as a F2P LEGO MMO, has just been released again with a single payment model for PC, iOS and Android devices. LEGO Minifigures Online jumps on the idea of giving you control over a wide variety of different minifigures, from Pizza Guy to Evil Dwarf, to move through the various worlds of the game dungeon crawling and smashing boxes. Throughout this journey you'll get to experience various features to create the ultimate set of minifigures. This game is completely child friendly too, allowing you to leave your kids to play it and not have to worry about any online negative interaction.

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LEGO Minifigures Online is the epitome of MMO Lite; it takes a lot of features that you come to expect from various popular MMOs and boils them down to their simplest form. Some of these aspects include skill trees, controls and the types of interactions you have available to you—the last of which is understandable.

As you progress through the campaign you get more playable characters, this can either be done from progressing through story and getting complete minifigures or finishing dungeons and being rewarded with the head, torso or legs of a minifigure. Once you have all of the required pieces for a minifigure you're able to combine them to get a character each with their own set of stats and abilities. Each character has their simple attack, as well as a special attack that comes with a cooldown; this special attack is one of the big differences control wise in comparison to the main LEGO games.

There is also a single upgrade tree for each character that splits and then rejoins every second upgrade so you can have some variation in a build, but you're never going to be too radically different from another player. For each of these upgrades you require coins that are earned by defeating enemies, killing bosses, or in similar LEGO style just destroying the environment like barrels. This game's control scheme has also been simplified greatly to only needing the movement keys and buttons for potion, primary and secondary attacks. Where most MMO's you need a full keyboard this can arguably be played one handed. This becomes an issue when the majority of the game becomes moving into the center of a group of enemies, repeatedly mashing the two attack buttons without moving and then continuing on. If you wish to collect different Minifigures faster, you can also redeem codes found in minifigure packs that you can buy at toy stores.

The story for LEGO Minifigures Online is the one aspect where it really redeems itself. Each of the different worlds has their own story that drives the player through dungeon after dungeon to hear some of the witty dialogue between the characters native to that area. None of these stories seem to matter too much as an overarching plot line, but each of the individual instances are entertaining enough to keep you going for a while longer. The dialogue in this game also always seems to do a fantastic job, though full voice acting is only available on the PC version of the game.


Both the audio and graphics that are present in LEGO Minifigures Online are what you would expect to see in a LEGO game. The background music is present but never seems to detract from the experience of the game as you move through all of the different worlds. The best that can be said of the graphics is that it looks like all of the other LEGO games, which is a really good thing.

Finally, a lot of the aspects that you would play an MMO for, like the community, are made more difficult than usual. It is extremely easy to party up with someone you find while moving through the world, but anything further out than that can be difficult to manage. For the most part though, you'll find that the extent of multiplayer is being in the hub areas and collection coins from barrels that other players have already destroyed. The hub areas of the game are just the overworld inbetween dungeons, think Diablo. In keeping with the kid friendly environment this game also has no PvP.

LEGO Minifigures Online is a perfect MMO Lit; it's a safe environment for someone to get an early understanding of leveling up, dungeon progression and knowing what kinds of characters you should play, but for anyone over the age of 10 hoping to sink many hours into this game, it isn't for you. If you are a parent wanting to play an easy game with your children that can be moved from computer to iOS device to Android, where all of the platforms can play and interact together, this this might be a wonderful option. It takes simple concepts and stretches it out over six different worlds so that there is something for every young LEGO lover to enjoy.

This game is currently available to purchase on Steam, iOS or Android as well as via the official LEGO Minifigures Online website.

This game was provided by the developer and played on the PC.

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A fun game to play with your kids or for your kids to play on their own. Plenty to do if you don't mind doing the same thing over and over again.

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