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Gun World is an NES-inspired action platformer from M07 games.  This indie game for PC has a zany story and retro gameplay.  A loving homage to 1980’s action hero games Gun World will really scratch that nostalgia itch.   True to it’s NES roots the game will have you dying over and over.  Either keyboard or controller controls can be used. A controller is recommended and for good reason, using WASD to move and J to shoot can be confusing and clunky for anyone not used to it.  Even with a controller though the movement feels sluggish. [embed][/embed] Gameplay includes a combination of platforming, melee attacks and of course shooting guns.  While the platforming can be tough it’s not the most challenging for platforming officianado’s.   Players will have to avoid spikes, pits and the attacks of evil gun stealing aliens. Players have 3 lives each with 3 hits worth of a health bar.  Also there is no save function making the game all about having a perfect run.  Players will face challenges such as moving platforms and enemies that can only be attacked from behind.  There are 6 different levels that players can explore in whatever order they chose. Unlock seeds for new guns as you go as well as a special unlockable level. Oh yeah, and you plant seeds to grow guns that can be equipped.  This is a unique and perhaps best gameplay mechanic in Gun World.  Collecting seeds and choosing when to plant them for the weapon you wield adds a certain element of strategy.  At least one bug was found in the game but the developers have been good about receiving feedback and updating accordingly.

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The story is humorously ridiculous.  Planet Gun World has been invaded by evil aliens trying to steal the magical trees that grow powerful guns.  Play as Dwayne, a brave hero tasked with using gun seeds to defeat these aliens by President Eagle. Little more than a premise the story is appropriately thin. It’s unique enough to support interesting gameplay and crazy enough for a humorous, nostalgic romp through Planet Gun World. M07 nailed the 8-bit graphics.  They even used the original NES color palette.  Playing  Gun World will really take players back to the 80’s. Retro authenticity continues throughout the audio. The soundtrack by Citizen Apollo is a chip-tune lovers delight.  The music perfectly matches the retro action gameplay and is one of the strongest elements of the game.

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Those with nostalgia for old NES games may enjoy Gun World.  It’s no Super Meat Boy or Ninja Gaiden but gamers who enjoy action-platforming and retro games like old school Mega Man will likely find Gun World to be up their alley.  However, the game seems difficult more due to it’s clunky movement than it’s platforming challenges.  The story, graphics and most of all soundtrack are nostalgic and charming but the gameplay leaves a little to be desired. Gun World can be downloaded from M07 for $4.99.  It is currently available for Windows with a Mac release coming soon.  You can currently vote to greenlight  Gun World on Steam.

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