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Deponia - The Complete Journey

One of the greatest philosophical questions of the 21st century stems from people familiar with LucasArts games. "How the hell was I supposed to figure that out?!" The point and click genre has gained a small but loyal fanbase; series like King's Quest and Monkey Island get sequels that continue to make players chuckle at the absurdity of the situation one moment and tear their hair out because of an equally absurd yet difficult puzzle. Daedalic Entertainment revives the genre with the Deponia trilogy. You can't talk about Deponia without talking about the characters. The quirky characters that everyone loves to hate, especially the narcissistic jackass Rufus. Cares about nobody but himself, always considers himself to be the goody two-shoes who would never burn down that hospital despite holding the matches while saying so, and has an uncanny ability to take a beating and combining random junk together to make something that might be useful in certain situations. Rufus has that rather rugged charm that reminds me of Charlie from It's Always Sunny.

Chaos on Deponia - Rufus
Our brave hero facing off against the deadly Pop of Lolly!
The story starts out simple as well. Rufus wants to leave Deponia, a world literally made of trash. high above the junk planet looms the elegant city of Elysium. Ignoring all the advice of those plebeians he calls friends, Rufus makes yet another half-baked attempt at rocketing up to Elysium, where everyone will undoubtedly welcome him with open arms and no questions about him because Rufus is amazing! When he tragically fails yet again, he managed to knock out a resident of Elysium and crash back in the junkyard. Infatuated with this woman, Rufus sets his sights on his newest goal: getting the woman named Goal to fall in love with his manly heroic self. In doing so, she'll bring him to his new life on Elysium, where he can live with Goal and do whatever it is people on Elysium do. But, as Rufus' luck would have it, life tends to get in the way. Why does it always come down to Rufus to save the world? Well, no one really asked him to do it. In fact, many tell him not to. But I digress, the puzzles are quite creative and unique. In the third installment of the series, things get really really really weird, but I still found it charming and witty enough for me not to care. Plus the puzzles were way harder in the third game, but that might not stop others from realizing just how freaking weird everything's gotten.
Goodbye  Deponia - Screenshot
I mean, I've played Sam and Max before, but this takes the cake to Weirdsvile.
And I have to give a shoutout to the music. Catchy and unique; I loved it enough to buy it on iTunes. I bought the three games before Daedalic came out with the collection, but I'm gonna buy that as well because I actually want to play through the developer commentaries, which is something I've rarely wanted to do. If you're a fan of point and click adventures, comedy, or simply love very colorful and pretty art and environments, I highly suggest checking the Deponia series out. You can find the collection on Steam!

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Deponia wins players with rugged charm and clever puzzles, despite how convoluted the story can get.

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