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Current Flow is a great puzzle game made by Badly Interrogated in which you need to get the flow of electricity to all of the lightbulbs to pass a level. You start out simple but you soon will realize that the game is a little tougher than what you expect. The wanting to complete this level is what makes it great and will keep you playing.


In each level you will have a current spot(s) that do not move, with series of pipes surrounding it, and then you have your lights. The goal of the game is to connect the current(s) to the light(s) by rotating the pipes and lighting em up. All the pieces rotate, except the main current tiles, and that's the only mechanic that you have to use.

The puzzles get more and more challenging as you progress. In future levels there are wireless connections that pass on the flow to other sections of the puzzle, making another layer of strategy to the puzzle. As you try to reach your goal, you have to looks at all the angles that are there. Sometimes you will figure it out on the spot, other times you will need to work backwards just to see how all the pipes fit.

Current Flow looks very nice and well put together. The ... ahem, flow of the puzzles are good, and there was no big lag through any of the game even with the animation in the background. The game comes with 50 levels for free and gives you the option of buying other harder packs of another 50 levels each for only $0.99 USD. There are currently 2 packs available, the Power Pack and the Electrician Pack. I purchased the Power Pack, and they are worth it. The packs do not drop any quality of the game. The expansion levels start out tough and will really make you think throughout.

This was a game that I started play when I had a few minutes to kill. It quickly became the game that I played for an hour or two before bed. I told some friends about this game and the next night I was getting text messages asking how to do a level. It's very fun and very addicting. You will not want to put it down until you complete a level. You will be buying at least one pack when you get to the end.

With the other "pipe games" like this on the market, this one stands out. The rotation of the tiles within their spot and not being able to add tiles like other games like it makes it a challenge. There was a level where you would get about halfway through and the only way to figure the puzzle out is to work backwards from the two lights and find out where they would junction and then rotate that piece to make it work. That extra piece of thinking is what puts Current Flow ahead of the pack. With the game being free, you would think that there would be ads popping up everywhere—nope. The game is completely ad free so why not throw a few buck at them with the level packs? It is definitely worth the money!

You can pick up Current Flow from the Google Play for free.

This game was free and reviewed on the Android platform on a Galaxy s5.

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A great looking game that is simple to pick up, but tough to put down.

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