Bitcoin Billionaire Review: Cookie Clicker, But Much Better

Gaming article by on Sunday, February 8, 2015 - 09:00
Topic(s): Bitcoin

[caption id="attachment_28654" align="alignleft" width="200"]bitcoin 2 Yes, i made the character look like me. Don't I look hot?[/caption]

Bitcoin Billionaire is another mobile click-as-fast-as-you-can game, which seems to have dominated the android game markets right next to Angry Bird remakes and those weird pregnancy games that I will never understand.

You start off being told that this is just a game, and that you are not really earning bitcoins as you play. Good to know, because I don't think I would otherwise have been able to know that this was just a game. You are able to customize your character, giving them hats, glasses, hairstyles, clothing, and can even choose the gender of your character. Like many customization character options what you choose has very few alterations between what a character says, and they are pretty chatty for someone who is typing on a computer all by themselves.

Like Cookie Clicker, you tap on the screen in order to get more bitcoins. After you have enough you can buy things like Lottery tickets, videogames, and my favorite, Solar Roads, as a way to obtain a steady income. You can also upgrade your clicking power, allowing you to mine more bitcoins with every click. Upgrading your bitcoin mining allows you to get certain upgrades to your surroundings, including a new house, different furniture, and a new computer.  The other main way of earning Bitcoins is by opening flying boxes that appear that look remarkably similar to Amazon boxes, these can give you coins and Hyperbits.

Another way of earning more Bitcoins is by  certain notifications that occur in game. Watching a video, allowing a banner ad, inviting people to play on Facebook, and sharing a selfie can give you certain bonuses if you accept, including getting a lot of Bitcoins in what is called a CoinBurst, you can also get stock increases which increases your total bits earned per second for a limited time, and other bonuses that increase the amount of coins you get per click for a short period of time. Which is pretty cool.

bitcoin 3You can also get offline coins by buying upgrades using Hyperbits. It starts as 0% and makes it way up by 10 each until it reaches 50%. The time also starts out low too, early ones can only allow earnings for as low as a few minutes, to as high as several hours. You can also exchange hyperbits for coins,  buy click and stock increases for a limited time, or get a 5% permanent bonus. There is also a casino roulette that can get you bonuses, as well as certain tastes you can accomplish, like opening up a specific number of boxes, or tapping a certain amount of time, for certain bonuses.

During the game, you get a random chance game that you play. It shows 3 cards, and at the cost of a certain amount of Hyperbits you can show what the cards are. The cards can either eliminate your earning for 5 minutes, cut your earnings by 1/4, give you coins or Hyperbits, or other upgrades. This can be pretty annoying at times, in fact, it can be pretty annoying quite often, but when it is good, it's awesome.

Like most mobile games, there are in-game microtransactions. They can be as low as .99$ to as much as 24.99$. I have not bought any of these microtransactions and I do not plan on ever doing do. Included in these microtransactions are buying hyperbits, coin multipliers, and an autoclick function. None of these are needed in order to enjoy the game, and are completely unneeded. But hey, gotta make some dosh.

I got this game for free on the Google App store and played it on my Cricket ZTE Prelude 2 cellphone