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Have you heard of that chicken game? That's not a vague description, mind; That Chicken Game is literally the name of one of the games I went hands-on with at Play NYC. This quirky platformer for mobile devices was an awful lot of fun. It was also absurdly challenging at times, so much so that I'll probably be picking up a roast chicken for dinner as revenge.

Fair warning: if you're the sort who likes challenging platformers (be it the harder Mario Maker levels or the really crazy stuff like I Wanna Be The Guy), I've found this game to be worryingly addictive. I fear its eventual release as I can easily see myself sinking goodness knows how much time into it.

that chicken game hands on title screen
This is the caption for the image of the title screen of That Chicken Game.

This is the Hands-On Preview of That Chicken Game.

In That Chicken Game, players are tasked with rescuing eggs from the clutches of an evil cook who'd very much like to make them into omelets. Unfortunately, there are several challenges in your way. You'll have to balance an oversized egg on the back of your (possibly undersized) chicken, so moving too aggressively will result in it flying out of control and smashing to bits ahead of you. As if navigating the various platforming bits weren't challenge enough, you'll also have to overcome several hazards like stovetop burners that will literally turn you into fried chicken.

I spent a solid 10 minutes or so playing That Chicken Game at Play NYC 2019 and I enjoyed my time with it, but it also scared me a bit. I sunk an embarrassing amount of time into stuff like I Wanna Be The Guy and similarly challenging games, so I fear that I might go a bit nuts trying to make it all the way to the end of this game.

Part of the intrigue is the simple but artful intricacies in chicken geometry. The egg rests comfortably on your chicken's back, but it will start to wobble as you pick up momentum. Jumping will cause it to fly up and you'll have to catch it. The head and tail are shaped differently, so you'll be able to manipulate the egg in the air depending on how exactly you launch it, bounce it, or catch it.

that chicken game hands on fried
Getting your egg over some obstacles is easy. Getting yourself over some obstacles is easy. Doing both (and not breaking the egg) is much more challenging.

Cooking Up Something Interesting

That Chicken Game isn't an entirely new idea for developer Curious Visions. It is, essentially, a remastered/upgraded version of their previous title egg is broken. heart is too. which you can pick up right now on Steam. The gameplay seems to be very similar between the two versions, but That Chicken Game is still being fleshed out with several improvements and optimizations for mobile devices.

Having played it for so short a time, I instantly pictured some crazily talented 14-year-old YouTuber in Japan beating the entire game in one go while bouncing an egg along like a soccer ball. I can see the potential for highly skillful speed runs, and the developer himself seems to think the same as he's uploaded one for egg is broken. heart is too. up onto YouTube.

As for the silly name, it's going to stick around. Developer Zach Chang related to me that people would easily forget the previous name egg is broken. heart is too., but they had no issues whatsoever remembering That Chicken Game.

While this upcoming title is very much in development, Chang of Curious Visions is leaning towards putting it up for free on mobile supported by ads with a one-time payment of $0.99 to remove them altogether. I had a lot of fun in just a few minutes, and I can certainly see That Chicken Game as being well worth the price when it's done. Make sure to swing by the developer's official website and follow Curious Visions on Twitter.

What do you think of That Chicken Game? Do you enjoy tricky platformers, or do you prefer a more casual, relaxing experience? Let us know in the comments below! Check out what else we saw at Play NYC by going to our Play NYC 2019 Coverage Hub.

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