Superfuse Takes Sacred Gameplay Into The Cyberpunk Future

Published: March 31, 2022 10:00 AM /


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Following the release of Cyberpunk 2077, there's been a resurgence of cyberpunk-related content. The idea of a futuristic neon world appeals to many folks for the spectacle and sense of wonder. However, these environments are rarely depicted as being peaceful with everything running smoothly and you're usually the one who has to sort things out. In the upcoming title, Superfuse by Stitch Heads entertainment, there's more of a colorful action take that makes you feel superpowered in a future world held together by businesses. With a combination of sharp art, an intricate customization system, and an interesting narrative setup, you should get ready to light the fuse on this title.

What's So Super?

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When it comes to cyberpunk environments, they usually go hand in hand with human alterations. Whether this involves altering DNA or adding cybernetic modifications, very rarely do humans stay the same. In Superfuse, both humans and the world have changed drastically. In a future where the Earth is in dire straits, the preservation of humanity has become the responsibility of the wealthiest and most powerful CEOs. After establishing cities among the stars, the CEOs unlock the secrets to forced evolution and become god-like. However, an all-consuming force called Corruption begins to spread and mutate organisms across the stars. In response, the CEOs create the Enforcers, a task force imbued with a portion of their god-like power in order to maintain order. So, you're a super-powered private security soldier fighting a sentient plague in the cyberpunk future? Game on.

In true Sacred fashion, you choose one of several characters defined by their class. This character becomes the designated hero who is the first and last line of defense. From an isometric viewpoint, you'll need to explore areas and interact with NPCs to gain info all the while fending off waves of squishy opponents. You'll rely on frequent loot drops to strengthen your character and skill points to boost their combat abilities while customizing them to your personal preferences.

Powered Up!

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When a game offers the chance to be a superhuman of sorts, it's only too exciting to see what you'll get to do. Superfuse presents a variety of options in a cast of characters such as the Berserker. You gain control of an enhanced being who is free to roam around human colonies sorting out problems with your powers. Aside from the usual perks of various armor, weapons, and other items, the star is the power you'll get. Depending on your character, you'll get different skill trees to explore and expand with can be quite extensive. However, the crowning jewel is that each skill can be expanded and customized with Fuses to suit your playstyle and test out different strategies.

Then there's the overall feel of the game. It's presented in a comic-book art style with vivid cutscenes depicting the important story and character events. Switching to the isometric 3D, there's a sharp level of detail keeping in line with the 2D art. The character models stand out in gritty and fleshed-out environments. It'll stay with you as you travel from settlements to the wilderness.

Replacing Blown Fuses



There's so much potential in Superfuse and it needs to be handled carefully to avoid a blowout. The skill customization is well-implemented but there's still more work to be done in smoothing it out. This on top of the inventory system is going to be refined to be more streamlined and tighter to go with the PC-centric controls. It's a lot to go over, but there's plenty of time for the Stitch Heads to make improvements and even expand more.

In terms of the gameplay, it can be made easily accessible to a multiplayer audience. Just like in Sacred, you'll be faced with hordes of monsters and enemies to cut through with your powers. However, it can still feel overwhelming so it'd be nice to have some teammates to stand at your side. There's talk of having teams of up to four players connected online to take on Corruption and other foes. While the devs work on this, prepare to fight not demonic forces, but cosmic horrors.


Fused With Super

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Superfuse is an upcoming isometric hack-and-slash RPG set in a cyberpunk universe where business is the law and you're upholding it. There's a lot to look forward to in terms of detailed skill customization and stylish comic visuals. All that's left is to do some touching up with the current systems, adding more content, and the option to team up with other Enforcers. Until that time, remember that with great superpowers, comes great opportunities to use them against a space mutant plague.

TechRaptor previewed Superfuse on Steam with a copy provided by those behind the game's release. It will be launching for PC on a currently unannounced date.

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