Perfect World's Star Trek Online and Neverwinter Come to Console

Published: July 15, 2016 9:00 AM /


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MMOs are typically considered a PC only affair—the sheer amount of buttons required to play one isn't really fit for your console controller. They aren't completely unheard of on consoles—The Elder Scrolls Online and DC star trek online console screenshot 2Universe both have moderately successful console ports, along with a few others. However, you won't find most free to play MMOs in abundance on consoles as you will on PC, where they're still a booming industry. Perfect World, the publisher of major free to play MMOs Star Trek Online and Neverwinter, recently decided to challenge that
idea. They successfully made an Xbox One port of Neverwinter, their Dungeons & Dragons inspired MMO, last year. After the success of the release, they are now doing the same with Star Trek Online and porting both games to the Playstation 4 as well. Like their PC counterparts, the games will be completely free to play and will come with all the same content. Additionally, Star Trek Online console players will see some graphical improvements with their experience. 


neverwinter console screenshot 2In order to make the game work on console, developers had to use every button available to them, along with different radial menus for different purposes. For Neverwinter, and ground combat in Star Trek Online, the controls are fairly easy to pick up and adjust to. The flying in Star Trek Online is a bit harder, especially if the player isn't experienced in flight simulators, so it can take time to get used to exactly how you want to hold the controller. Both are basically the same game with nothing necessarily added, aside from the clear visual improvements in Star Trek Online, where they implemented a dynamic lighting scheme. And of course, players will still get access to everything PC players get. 

Star Trek Online is coming to both consoles, and Neverwinter to Playstation 4 in Fall 2016. Perfect World also
previewed their newest game Livelock. TechRaptor didn't get a chance to officially preview this game unfortunately. Livelock is not an MMO, but a top-down cooperative shooter, and unlike other Perfect World games, will not be free to play, and will also be released on both consoles as well as PC in late 2016. livelock screenshot 1

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