Unleash Your Boomer Rage in Just Die Already

Published: June 22, 2020 1:00 PM /


A grumpy old protagonist of Just Die Already.

Boomers, most often referring to people born between 1946 and 1964, have it tough. They live in a confusing world with all this new computer technology and weird memes that are just baffling to them, their traditionalist views are being challenged right and left, and all they want to do is grill, for God's sake. What's life going to be like when they become elderly and they don't have grandkids to support them? In Just Die Already, developed by DoubleMoose and published by Curve Digital, players take control of one of these senior boomers as they perform dangerous stunts in order to qualify for free retirement care.

Just Die Already takes place in a near-future filled with Millenials and zoomers (everyone always forgets about Generation X,) and none of them are having grandkids. That means instead of paying for your pension, those dang kids are playing video games and talking about dabbing. In your day, a dab was a gosh-dang fish! Because of those lazy kids, you have to fend for your own. To make matters worse, you've been tossed out of your retirement home! Your only choice now is to explore a world that actively hates you and perform dangerous stunts in order to earn tickets so you can earn yourself some all-expenses-paid retirement.


A brutalized old man and some rude ads in Just Die Already.
The Tooth Fairy can really cash in here.

Just Die Already puts players in the middle of a city filled with all of those dang young people and their sushi restaurants, among other things. This physics will have players running around the city accomplishing different challenges to earn rewards. Some challenges will give you new items you can play around with, others may give you fashionable accessories for your boomer to wear, and others provide tickets used to buy special items and, eventually, your retirement. As a game coming from Armin Ibrisagic, one of the original designers behind the goat-based physics sandbox Goat Simulator, players of his original work should feel right at home here, even if they are in the extra-fragile body of an aged boomer.

Speaking of having an extra-fragile body, your old boomer's fragility is a key feature in this game. Unlike Goat Simulator, where you could be blown up, run over, or impossibly stretched without any lasting damage, getting injured is all but certain in this game. When you get hurt, there's a good chance you'll start losing body parts, but you can still keep moving as long as you don't run out of health, even if you're nothing but a pelvis that rolls around the city. Even if your boomer rage isn't enough to keep your heart ticking, don't worry. You'll just pop out of the nearest dumpster, just as (un)healthy as you were when you started.

More boomer injuries and more mean ads in Just Die Already.
I'm a big fan of Liquid Sugar.

The Steam Festival demo only allows you to run around a small portion of the city, but there's still plenty of things to do and carnage to commit. Eat food until your old guy explodes! Get your head chopped off, pick it back up, and go riding on an old hobby horse! Tamper around with a valve until a pipe overheats and blows you to kingdom come! All of these are things you'll have to do in order to survive in a world that wants you to Just Die Already.

Armin Ibrisagic's return to form looks like it'll offer a lot of wacky fun, and you won't have to enjoy it alone. Up to four players can get together to complete challenges or simply cause mayhem by ripping each others' fragile limbs off. If Just Die Already sounds like it's up your alley, then you'll be pleased to know that it's nearing completion, and you'll soon be able to show those younguns a thing or two!

TechRaptor previewed Just Die Already on PC as part of the Steam Game Festival. The game is set to launch in Summer 2020.

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