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Do you like games where you play a cat? Do you like games where you use a mech suit? If you answered yes to both, Gato Roboto is the game for you. Also, if you're a Mega Man fan that likes a bit of humor in your game, Gato Roboto is for you.

You play a kitty that must save your owner and spaceship. It has crashed on a planet and you, the cat, must explore its surface and depths to get it up and going again. The premise is simple and absurd, offering up many great humorous moments between the cat and its owner on the spaceship as he tries to explain what needs to be done next. It's always nice to see when the cat gets some praise, too.


The game will certainly have a lighthearted tone, but that doesn't mean it's going to skimp on the gameplay. One thing that was immediately apparent to me were the crisp controls. Moving around a level, both as the cat and in the mech suit, was responsive and intuitive. I never felt like things were getting away from me or that what was happening on screen didn't match my inputs. In something with platforming elements, that's a huge plus.

As for the metroidvania and Mega Man bits, some areas are only accessible as a cat and some are only accessible with certain upgrades on the mech. The mech suit starts with just a basic shot to blast away enemies, like the slimy and gross frogs, but other powers await you. The one I got to mess around with blasted off huge rockets towards enemies and rubble alike. I could use it to blast my way through to a new part of the level or to do a quick rocket jump to reach even further heights.

Gato Roboto was fun for the short while I had the chance to play it. The humor, good controls, and challenge offered in the platforming and enemies has me looking forward to the full release. If any of the above appeals to you, keep an eye out for more news on the game in the future

Gato Roboto plans to release in the first quarter of next year on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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