Harvest Moon Mad Dash Is Fast Fun



Harvest Moon Mad Dash Is Fast Fun

June 21, 2019

By: Nick Maillet


Harvest Moon Mad Dash is one of those games thats not for everybody but also for everyone at at the same time. Confusing? Let me explain. Going into Harvest Moon Mad Dash I really didn’t expect too much because at first glance it seems like a mobile title or something better suited for the Wii. But after playing the game for a few minutes, I was surprisingly hooked.  Maybe it's because this was a nice change of pace from the typical high-narrative-shooting sims that are everywhere now.  Harvest Moon Mad Dash felt familiar and fresh all at once.

Harvest Moon Mad Dash is about as simple as you can get. You need to place various crops next to each other to help them grow, then once your crop is ready to pick, you need to grab it quickly before it rots. The game will throw in a few additional challenges to make the gameplay more interesting, such as charging bulls, milking cows, and ever changing crop requirements.  This is where coordination really comes into play.  While this seems extremely easy, I found myself shouting for help and coordinating with the other person I was playing the demo with on the show floor and having a really good time.

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Chickens are always the cutest animals in games

I won't say this game is for everyone, and quite frankly it's probably not too great solo. But if you have kids, younger siblings, or just want to play games with someone who isn’t very versed in gaming, then Harvest Moon Mad Dash is definitely worth checking out.  Harvest Moon Mad Dash has a lot going for it from the so cute it almost hurts art style, the pick up and play game mechanics, and general relaxing presentation that the series is known for its hard to not recommend to anyone looking for something casual and fun.


Harvest Moon Mad Dash dashes onto the Nintendo Switch and PS4 this fall.

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