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E3 2017 - Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (VR) Preview

June 14, 2017

By: James Galizio

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January 18,2019 (Calendar)
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I have a confession to make: I've never played an Ace Combat before. Sacrilegious, I know, and I fully intend to fix that before Ace Combat 7 releases ... but that's where I stand. That being said, Ace Combat 7 was just as awesome in VR as I could've hoped. I actually felt like I was upside down at times, gazing out at where enemy planes were, while struggling to catch them in my sights. There wasn't too much to the demo I played besides trying to shoot some planes flying over the ocean, but if nothing else the demo was a very good introduction to what I could expect from playing the game in VR. It was great! Except it was very pixelated, which is a shame since I could tell that the game would be even more beautiful in VR with a higher resolution. The volume of the clouds, the really nice lighting engine ... all of it was still there, and I'm sure looks even better while outside of VR, but it's a shame that PSVR wasn't able to display it in the resolution the game deserved.

The game also felt fairly simple, but I'm sure that's just a combination of me sucking at the series and the demo being a significantly easier difficulty compared to other levels that'll end up in the game's campaign. I wouldn't be surprised if part of my problem was that I simply couldn't figured out how to control my yaw. Once the demo started, I wasn't able to pause the game and look at the controls, and considering the demo was timed, that meant that I ended up just trucking through it the best I could without knowing how to control my x-axis efficiently. Still, the game was very fun and at least as far as I can tell it should appeal to both players looking for a new VR title, as well as fans of the series overall.


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is currently scheduled for a 2018 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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