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We sat down with Akiba's Beat's Director Kota Takano to ask a few questions about the title, as well as look at some gameplay. The title - which XSEED is working in tandem with Acquire to localize while the game is still in active development for Japan - differs from the company's other titles that take place in the Akihabara District in Japan. Instead of being an open-world action title, Akiba's Beat is a more standard JRPG with Tales of style combat with a few twists.

One of the main things that lets the game stand out from its competition are the overall themes of the game - music is a major theme here, as well as imagination. While players fight enemies their Imagination Gauge will rise; once it fills up past the first of 5 sections in the gauge, players can power up their current character into a stronger state that attacks harder and faster by activating their transformation when a headphone icon flashes while they attack an enemy. Filling the gauge completely up and activating the gauge will transform every character in the party as well as start a song in the background; you can choose different songs for each character to represent, and the stage's background changes depending on which song is played while this mode is active.

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The game's story wasn't very clear - the only thing that I managed to get out of it was that Akiba was growing corrupted and that each corrupted portion of the city is represented by a warped version of that part of the city. Each dungeon you encounter is part of these corrupted buildings - with the dungeon's respective theme stemming from the type of building that it inhabits. A few of the dungeon themes I saw during our meeting were Maid Cafe and Idol themed - with Tokano confirming that other dungeons representing aspects of Akiba culture, like home electronics, are present.

Akiba's Beat is definitely looking to be a massive departure from the other Akiba titles that Acquire has developed, and players should look forward to trying the title out when it releases on PlayStation 4 and PSVita this Winter. Although a PC version hasn't yet been confirmed, the demo that the developer played through for us was done on a Windows 10 desktop with an Xbox 360 controller - so keep an eye out for more news on that front as well.

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