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When it was announced that Omega-Force was making an Attack on Titan game, it was easy to initially be wary. Many gamers know the developer for their many and various Dynasty Warriors titles and collaborations. It would've been easy to see Attack on Titan becoming yet another Dynasty Warriors clone. Thankfully, that's not the case.


Sitting down for my 30 minute demo, the first mode that I tried on the demo was a tutorial mission; not only did it walk me through the games' mechanics, but it also included some story content. Attack on Titan's game will walk players through the anime's first season, so even players that might not be familiar with the franchise yet won't get lost.

Gameplay revolved around the anime's titular ODM system. Players zip across the field by both using ziplines and gas canisters to boost through the air. Both gas canisters and blades wear down with use, so throughout the games' missions players must periodically stop to refill their supply. Taking down Titans is more or less the same method as how they're brought down in the show. Players target a body part by holding down the R1 button, using the Right Analog Stick to select it. Once selected, players use the Square button (or their systems equivalent) to connect a cable. Players then boost to aim at the body part and must attack at the right time to get a clean hit in.

It's all very fluid in action, especially since you can target a Titan's body parts while you're in mid-air. Each kill will be graded, and the game is at its best when the player seems to almost effortlessly glide through the air, cutting through Titan flesh like butter. Since this is an Omega-Force game, there might be various objectives and sub-objectives on the map at any given time, but thanks to the fast-paced action of the title, the more hectic that the game gets the better it feels.


The game has a decent amount of depth to the combat as well. Although you only attack using the Triangle button (or, again, your system's equivalent) certain Titans might be quicker to take out by severing either their arms or legs first. Players have to be both quick and careful when they attempt to attack a Titan, since either bumping into level geometry or taking too long before attacking a linked body part may cause your character to unlatch and fall.

Playing on the PS4, the game seemed to run at 60fps. Matched alongside the anime artstyle, I was more than impressed with what I played. In addition to the standard ODM-wielding mode, apparently the title also has a mode where players can play as Eren in his Titan form. Unfortunately between the Tutorial and the regular story mission, I didn't have quite enough time to test the Titan mode.

Coming out on August 30th, the title will launch on PlayStaion 4, Vita, Xbox One, and Steam for Windows PC. Stay tuned for our review closer to when the game launches.


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