Dog Airport Game Reminds Me of My Dog, Whom I Have Not Seen in Too Long and Whom I Miss

Published: February 5, 2020 1:00 PM /


Dog Airport Game

There is a video game being developed that is called An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs. It's also known as Dog Airport Game. I hope your life has been enhanced by this knowledge, as my life was when I saw the game at PAX South. Honestly, there is nothing you can tell me that would improve my day as much as seeing this game did.

It's not like there's anything particularly complicated about Dog Airport Game. You play as one of the last two humans alive, and your goal is to travel airports until you can once again reunite with the other human, the love of your life. The catch is that these airports are for aliens, so nothing makes sense. You know, just like a real airport. Also, all the employees are stock photos of dogs.


I really do mean stock photos of dogs too. Go to some stock photo website and look up dogs. Too late, that photo is in the game. There's something absolutely hilarious about turning the corner and seeing some absolutely overly happy dog in a field running, but also manning a photo booth. The doctor is currently curled up asleep. Also, he's called the dogtor, which is amazing.

That's one of the best things about Dog Airport Game. The writing is so absolutely wholesome. Every dog is lovable (and pettable. You can pet all the dogs.) and I kept talking to them because I needed to know all of their stories. A janitor talks about how it's okay he missed some barf, someone will eat it eventually. One dog was supposed to sell me tickets but got so excited by the idea that he just threw 50 of them at me for free. I got to learn all about a dog's love for Mothman and his musical songs. There is so much to enjoy here.

I have so many questions about this dog world that I just need to keep exploring to find out. Do you guys think that the song The Dog Days are Over, by Florence and the Machine, is even legal in this world? I'm pretty sure it's not. The Dog Days are never over. The dogs can have all the days if they want them.

Look I recently had to dog sit a corgi. I'm not going to lie, he was kind of a jerk. He always wanted attention 24/7, and he didn't like the other dog in the house. But even with all of that, I loved this dog. He was an adorable dog and when he wanted he could be a sweetheart. He even hung out with me and occupied the space under my desk. It was cute.

Where am I going with all this? Well, the goal of Dog Airport Game is to explore, and each time you land in a different airport it gets procedurally generated, giving you something totally new to try and find your human pal in. In reality, this means you wander, lost in airports and interacting with dogs that give you encouraging messages. You'll get little jobs, like having to bribe a dog to get your photo taken. At one point there was a dog that was cursed to look like a human but was actually a dog. At another point, I picked up a giant coffee cup and then when I put it down I clipped through it and shot into space.

Hey, are there dogs in space too? Can I meet a space dog? I mean, if the dogs can run the airport, surely they're also in space. Do they use rockets? Do they just fling themselves with coffee cups? The game is being developed by Xalavier Nelson Jr, who wrote the well-loved Hypnospace Outlaw, so if there's any person I expect to have the answer to that question it's him.


I miss my dog. I left her in New Jersey when I moved to North Carolina. She wasn't really my dog, she was my sister's dog and she's still with my sister, but I still basically considered her my dog. She was weird, a dog that never figured out she can push open doors but did figure out she can pull them open by grabbing coats hanging on them and backing up. When she wants to go outside she jumps like a kangaroo, randomly, in parts of the house no one occupies until someone notices her. Every bit of lovable weirdness I saw in my dog, I see in An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs. In a way, it's exactly what I needed when I missed her too much, and it's the kind of game that made me feel a little better at night.

An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs does not currently have a release date. You can get preview builds of the game by donating $5 to the creator's Patreon.


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