Beyond: Two Souls First Impressions

Published: Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 09:00 | By: Ryan Carpenter

Beyond: Two Souls is getting some of the most mixed reviews that I have ever seen, so I figured I would pick up the game and give it a go myself. Since I’ve just recently acquired the game, this is only my first impression; a full review is to follow next week. So, let’s begin!Upon starting Beyond: Two Souls, I was met with an update, followed by a rather long install sequence, which took roughly 10 minutes to complete. While this was a little upsetting, I must say I feel it was worth the wait. The graphics are simply amazing in this game, to the point of being able to see single strands of hair, or even the beads of sweat on a characters forehead. It really feels as though you are watching, and controlling, a movie.


Beyond tells the story of a girl named Jodie, who seems to be connected with some sort of mystical force names Aiden. You have the ability to control both Jodie’s actions, and the actions of that mystical force. This leads to the point of the game, which is making choices. Do you make Jodie out to be an evil mastermind in full control of Aiden, or, is Aiden an unstoppable demon, hurting anyone in his path, leaving poor Jodie to suffer the blame? The choice is yours. As a bonus feature, you can even invite a friend over to play in “duo” mode where one player controls Jodie, and the other controls Aiden, adding to the fun, when one person decides to counteract the other persons actions.

So far, I am about 120 minutes into the game, and I’m completely hooked. The story is compelling, and the gameplay is smooth and fun. The quick-time events are sometimes hard to complete, due to the sheer amount of things going on around you, but this just makes it feel more like you are in the game yourself, making human-like mistakes, and facing the consequences for it.

In conclusion, for now, Beyond: Two Souls is definitely worth taking a look at, but if you still aren’t convinced, come back for my full review of the game next week!

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