EGX 2015 - Just Cause 3 Preview

EGX 2015 - Just Cause 3 Preview

Published: September 25, 2015 5:20 PM /


Just Cause 3

In the 20 minutes hands-on demo I played of Just Cause 3, I blew up a power station, drove a sports car off a mountain and flew face first into a cliff using the new wing suit. It was all great. Just Cause 3 is unbridled mayhem.


The game is set on the Mediterranean island republic of Medici. The island is ruled by the Dictator General Di Ravello. Rico Rodriguez makes a return as the main protagonist as he tries to liberate Medici. To take over an area you must destroy any places that General Di Ravello has influence over, power stations, police station, etc.  

As is tradition for the series at this point, Just Cause 3's movement defies the laws of physics. Does it make sense? No. Is it fun? Yes. It seems any time they had to choice to make something realistic or fun, they chose fun. The grapple hook is even crazier than the last game, with you now being able to shoot out multiple lines at a time. The new wing suit adds a new way to traverse the game world. It lets you move across the landscape nimbly and quick allowing you to use the grapple hook and pull yourself forwards.

You will now typically use the wing suit to move quickly around an area, dodging enemy fire and the like but when you want shoot enemies you can still pull out the parachute to slow down and pick them off. The movement for the flying is very responsive, even letting you pull back on the stick to do a backwards somersault into a downwards dive. You can active the wing suit quickly and be flying around almost instantly. 

The game is visually stunning, gorgeous fields of flowers span the landscape, bright colours are everywhere. The explosions are huge and look incredible and trust me you will be seeing a lot of them.


The Just Cause games have always been really fun to play, and with Just Cause 3 the new things they have added, such as the improvements to the grapple hook and the newly added wing suit, make it seem as they are definitely aiming for that again.


Just Cause 3 is set for a release date of 1st December 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  

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