[12/4/14 PBE Updates] The Snowdown Showdown Approaches

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Everyone's favourite time of year on the Rift is almost here! Well, maybe not everyone's...I personally like the Lunar Revel better, but that doesn't mean that this year's chosen champions won't be coming to the Snowdown party dressed to impress.

As of 4 December, 2014, new splash arts and skins have dropped on the PBE and are looking just fantastic! Even on the PBE they look almost ready to buy!


Adorned with fluffy mittens, a pompom hat, and a snowflake tutu, Winter Wonder Orianna will be joining us this Snowdown bringing her Poro Ball with her to shower the Rift in snow. Do robots even get cold? She knows what makes you tick. She knows how to make the ticking stop. She'll be dancing into the League of Legends store soon! She is also featured on the Snowdown Login screen!


Malzahar will also be joining us on the Rift, summoning fluffy Poro Voidlings to do his bidding. I'm sure the cold winter is quite different from the Icathian climate, but Malz looks ready, decked out in snowboarding gear. Oblivion awaits...and it's fluffy, purple, and just a little to cute for comfort!


As if she couldn't get any more wintery the leader of the Winter's Claw has hit the Rift riding a giant Poro. Sejuani will now be bopping you on the head with Poro Snax on a stick.  Ready for action, whether it's a boar, a bear, or a Poro, Sejuani's new skin will be charging forth soon.

Thresh_Splash_3 Elise_Splash_3

A little bit late to the Harrowing party, Blood Moon Thresh and Elise join the fray with some scary beautiful new skins. Akali and Kalista are no longer the only ones going bump in the night under the lunar eclipse. The Blood Moon posse will be haunting your nightmares with their catch and kill prowess for years to come. The vaguely Asian design also makes the Lunar Revel seem more exciting. Catch these slippery demons when they hit the store!


The newest in a long line of junglers, Rek'sai bursts from the underground fully prepared for the competition with her full-metal Eternium Rek'sai skin. Her unique skill set and global presence will send enemies flying in a cloud of shrapnel as she shreds them with her new metal body. This dorsal-finned menace will soon be tunnelling to a lane near you! Though you'd probably prefer her to stay far away.

The release date for these beauties is currently unknown but the hype is building with the Rek'sai Q&A having been done on the 2nd and the announcement for the Legend of the Poro King game mode. Get ready to break out the hats and mittens, Summoners, the Snowdown Showdown is coming!

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