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July is over and for some of you that means you're one step closer to another miserable year at school, or if you're like me it's just another day until I die playing No Man's Sky or get hit by a bus while on a PokemonGO adventure. On that positive I've painstakingly dug up a few organic and free range articles for your enjoyment/misery.  This week we've got people driving cars into things, Pokemon trainers exercising their god given second amendment rights, and a guy who paid way too much for an indie game we'll all forget about in a year. 


The Headlines That Make Us Think

Chinese man drives car into Nexon HQ because their games ruined his life

The biggest shock here isn't the fact that this guy had zero chill and drove his champagne 1990's Honda Accord far enough into Nexon's lobby for it to be an inconvenience.  It's the fact that MapleStory still exists. Judging from the fact that this game caused someone to ruin a perfectly good champagne-colored Honda Accord, it may be time to dust off DR_PoopZilla777 from his 10 year slumber. MapleStory_00000

Pokemon Go player stops mid-game to shoot man trying to rob him

"An attempted robbery on Pokemon Go players – who were in a Las Vegas park that has become popular with players because it is a good place for catching Magikarp – ended in a shootout when one of the trainers pulled out his own gun and shot the robbers."  This is an actual quote from an actual event that happened in the real world.  You would think Team Rocket would have learned to stop fucking around by now. Officer Jenny 2.0

Heroes of the Storm player faces five years in jail for threatening Blizzard staff with AK-47

There are worse reasons to go to jail so it can't be that bad I suppose.  cholo2_00000


Gamer Pays $1,300 For Leaked Copy Of No Man’s Sky

Before you go and spend $1300 on this year's second best indie game, you may have noticed that we're currently running a Kickstarter for the new site.  You should totally do the right thing and help us out so we can keep delivering quality content as this

The Rest

Apparently no one knows how to pronounce Deus Ex correctly (It's DOUD-CeEX)

Man Arrested After Throwing Batarang at Police Car  WHICH ONE OF YOU DID THIS!?


Man chasing ghosts with machete arrested in Deltona, deputies say  This is how you get a Haunter

Dog crashes car into Walmart All MapleStory points cards mysteriously vanished



Indie Nightmares

Black Gold

When I started this thing I figured I would find garbage games and comment on them after giving them an honest try.  Black Gold is one of the few Indie games that can be considered "art." The simple ambiance created in Black Gold is honestly one of the most relaxing games I've experienced in a very long time.  Everyone should download Black Gold, put on some headphones, dim the lights, and just spend a moment reading through some small talk about a simple life.  Black Gold Game


Unlike Black Gold, this game reminds me why I generally hate indie games.  This is one of those things where the joke wears off before you can finish downloading the game.  I recommend this for fans of Chelsea Handler and Adam Sandler Movies.  

Succulent Indie Game



Internet Killed The Video Star

Something We Can All Agree On

Final Thoughts

Another week of headlines down and another summer almost over.  If you spent all summer playing video games, do yourself a favor and take a 15 minute break to go outside and enjoy the world a bit.  Unless you live in southern California, then you'll most likely die from smoke inhalation.  

Until Next time. Stay RadTechRaptor action sports

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