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Published: June 6, 2014 12:00 PM /



E3 is right around the corner or really next week. With that said it is time to starting guessing what games will be announced and what is going to be shown at E3. So I am compiling a list of my top 10 games that I think will be at E3 this year. Most of these games have been announced or are going to be shown finally with actual gameplay and what are my expectations of those games.

10. EA Sports Franchises


Last year EA brought FIFA, Madden and UFC to the next generation consoles. However there were not to many differences from this generation to last generation. EA needs to show us what true next generation sports game looks and feels like. For example EA needs to make the athletes look more real and make the players feel more real. EA did take a step in the right direction when they built the Ignite engine, which gave gamer’s dynamic crowds and making the players feel like they were in that big moment in big games.

9. Kingdom Hearts 3



Ever since Kingdom Hearts 2 the question of when Kingdom Hearts 3 would be released. Last year at Sony’s E3 press conference they showed a teaser for Kingdom Hearts 3. Then a few months later they showed a little bit of gameplay featuring what appears to be a level from the Disney movie Hercules. The expectations of this game are going to be high even though most likely this game won't come out till either spring or fall of 2015. However expect this game to be shown at E3 either as a stage demo or at a panel on the E3 show floor.

8. Halo 5: Guardians


Halo 4 was one of the best games of 2013 so Halo 5 has high expectations. All that we know about Halo 5 right now though is   coming in 2015, it will have 60 frames per seconds and that it is called Guardians. So this is definitely not only going to be at E3 but I bet that there will be some kind of brief demo just to preview what the game will look like on Xbox one.

7. The Division

The Division

Tom Clancy games are becoming a staple for video games. As a fan of most Tom Clancy games I bet that we will see the division at E3. I loved from what I saw last year about The Division it looked amazing unfortunately they delayed it till 2015. But I bet that it will release May of 2015 that gives them plenty of time. Watchdogs is proof that when Ubisoft delays a game to improve the game it will work.

6. Battlefield: Hardline


Leave it up to EA to leak its own game. However I am interested in Battlefield Hardline because of the concept. From what I know about the game it is basically Battlefield meets Cops and Robbers. From what I saw in the trailer it looks like that from the single player component of the game that it looks like a TV show and your choices will decide the outcome. Multiplayer seems like it will close to traditional battlefield gameplay. However it look from the trailer that you can use Zip lines as well as other gadgets. I am very intrigued by how this game will turn out.

5. Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor Promotional Image

When I saw the first trailer for Shadow of Mordor I was so excited. I am a massive Lord of the Rings fan so I want this game to be amazing which I think it will be. It reminded me of a lot of Assassins Creed 2, which is easily one of my favorite games of all time. One of the big hopes that I have for this game is that they are able to tie it in to both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and have it make sense. Also there better be hobbits in the game.

4. Batman Arkham Knight


The Batman Arkham games were some of the best games from last generation. So when the third entree was announced I was so excited I almost screamed. I will go out and say it now if this game lives up to the hype it will have Game of the year written all over it. So with that said all I want from this game is a longer campaign, a story that makes sense, ALOT of villains and finally one of my wishes has come true which is that you can finally drive the Batmobile.

3. Call of Duty Advance Warfare


The Call of Duty Franchise has become a staple of gaming over the last decade. It is one of best franchises of all time. However Call of Duty ghost received mixed reviews due to the poor story and there was basically nothing new really new to multiplayer other than a few changes. So this game has to bring its A game at E3 this year. When I first saw the trailer I was very excited because it looks awesome it looks new and fresh which is what Call of Duty needed in order to survive. The next thing that Call of Duty Advance Warfare needs to do big time is improve multiplayer and add new features. The big thing I want from Multiplayer is 12 vs. 12 game modes. Enough with 6 on 6 its next generation Call of Duty its time for bigger teams now. Another big thing I want from Call of Duty Advance Warfare is a better environment. The thing that I want is maps that are dynamic and medium size maps that are all different. In the past some Call of Duty maps have been the same so they need to change things up and add events in each map that is unique to each map. Lastly Single Player must improve BIG TIME. Call of Duty in the past hasn’t had the best stories. In my opinion that last Call of Duty that had a good Story was Black Ops. However it all ready looks like this Call of Duty is bringing in the big guns with having Kevin Spacey in the game. The whole thing in the trailer about Democracy and Freedom interest me and I already want to play the story.

2. Assassins Creed Unity and Comet


Assassins Creed was easily one of last generation’s greatest franchises. Ever Since the first Assassins Creed came out each game has change to fit each games unique location. However this is also where Assassins Creed has its faults. All Assassins Creed games have had almost the same missions for example you stalk a suspecting target just to listen to a conversation then you might kill that person. So with Assassins Creed Unity Ubisoft needs to add different mission types. However not much is known about Unity or its last generation counterpart Comet. We know that Unity takes place during the French revolution most likely in Paris. We also know that it is heavily rumored that Ubisoft is going to show a 4 player co-op demo during E3. As for Comet we know nothing about this game. It is rumored that the game will take place during the events of AC3 and AC4. It is also rumored that you will play as a Templar named Shay and that characters from past games such as Haythem Kenway will return. So for right now the next chapters in the Assassins Creed series have shrouds of mystery around them so we will just have to wait till June 9th to see.

Finally at number 1 is....

Star Wars Battlefront


Last year when EA was granted the rights to make Star Wars video games everyone knew that a new Battlefront game was coming. Then at E3 last year we saw a brief teaser for the new Star Wars Battlefront game. The reason that I have this at number 1 on my list is because not only am I a big Star Wars fan but also we are long over due for a great Star Wars game. For me the last great Star Wars game was Battlefront and its sequel. So in the end I would be willing to bet that this game will have a demo on stage at the E3 press conference. Then they will announce that the game will either come out Spring 2015 or fall 2015.

So there is my list of my hopes for E3 and what I expect to learn about these games at E3. Let me know what you guys think about the games I put then in the comment let me know what you guys want to see from E3.




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