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TechRaptor Staff Respond to Critics of the Term "PC Master Race"

Gaming article by on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - 21:15

Disclaimer: All opinions are each individuals own and not reflective of TechRaptor as a whole.

I like consoles. If the WiiU had a phallus I would surely bed it. In the eyes of some of those who accept no other idols into their life than the higher power that is the PC I am a lowly console peasant, but it is a badge I adorn proudly.


When Yahztee Crowshaw of The Escapist made a joke about these people 7 years ago, claiming they belong to the PC Master Race in his idiosyncratic tongue in cheek way, PC gamers laughed heartily and embraced the term even naming their subreddit after it. They did what Call of Duty/Gears of War/Halo fans could not with their Yahztee dubbed name (spunkgargleweewee for those interested). They accepted it, they saw their flaws and held on to them lovingly, proving that Yahztee had nailed PC Gamers with his observational wit.

While 2008 is several generations old in terms of the lifespan of the news cycle, Tyler Wilde of PC Gamer somehow this week took offense to the ancient term and slammed it while unashamedly using The Escapists intellectual property without credit. The internet cogs went into overdrive and many have made their responses. Some think it's just another obvious attempt by gaming journalists at clickbait, others such as Escapist founder Alexander Macris believe it's political correctness gone into overdrive,


archon tweet

while the witty readers of the PCMasterRace subreddit included several Nazi themed acronyms in their scathing responses.


pc master race responses

Here's what the glorious PC Gamers of TechRaptor had to say about Wilde's article.

David Rose

"The PC Master Race is an odd thing to be upset by because pretty much all the people who use it are joking, know it's a joke and don't really hold it up as their identity. In the end, people pick their machines because of what they want to get out of gaming, and most PC gamers use the label precisely because of its ironic origins, not in spite of it. There's little sense among the majority of PC gamers that so-called “console peasents” are somehow deprived for buying a £350 box rather than an £800 one. In other words, to ironically end a response against the memetic excesses of the PC gaming community with a meme of my own: Why so serious PC Gamer?"


Ben Kuyt

Unlike Lolcatz, Borat, and doge, the "PC Master Race" is something only gamers would understand. It's something outside of popular culture, and for good reason: the moment it became popular culture someone would get offended by it. It's a joke. No one takes it seriously, unless you really do believe you are a "console peasant". Which is stupid, since there are a good majority of PC gamers that have consoles, me being one of them. I just would prefer if every game on consoles were on a PC. They'd run better, look better, and control in whatever way I wanted. That's why PC is the "master race" for gaming. It can do everything every other gaming system can, usually better. No one's going to literally kill your console. Learn to take a joke.

Travis Williams

The attempt to change the meanings of words with the intent of policing thought needs to stop. Take your 'perceived identity' and your projection elsewhere. The term PC Master Race has nothing to do with race and all gamers are welcome and accepted under it's banner. All except the dirty console peasants of course.


Keith Elwood

There are two kinds of people that could possibly be offended by the PC Master Race meme. The first are those that live in ignorance and don't get the joke. The second, meanwhile, are those that deliberately go seeking out ways to be offended so as to spend all of perpetuity raging at others. You see, being a member of the PC Master Race really only requires agreeing with the objective fact that PC games are technically more advanced than other platforms. It isn't saying that playing on consoles is inherently bad - we're not Nazis, and I take offense to the suggestion that there is any kind of connection there. In the end, the article in question really just shows that its author is out of touch with gamers of all kinds and really does belong writing for another outlet that specializes in clickbait.

Shaun Joy

When I first heard about the article, I laughed it off, probably assuming that the concern was possibly overblown or just done in jest. But then I read the article in question, and it just makes me shake my head in disgust. I love watching Yahtzee's videos and never felt that there was an exclusion whatsoever by using the phrase, and, in fact, have started conversations talking about his work with the PC master race phrase. I felt it was inclusive, that those who shared common likes and interests came together. And maybe its just me, but I find that one of the best ways to deal with complicated issues is humor - and that's what I found the idea of the phrase to be.

It scares me that those who don't deal with hard and complicated topics such as racism and horrible historical events would want to take away what could be a coping mechanism from those who use the phrase just because they don't agree with it. Which then circles back to the issues of censorship and political correctness, and some of the issues that lied at a heart of what was a major problem in the Nazi led era. Rather than being offended, realize that maybe, just maybe, the name in question serves more then what it was originally: a joke.

Robert N. Adams

"PC Master Race" came from one of Ben "Yahtzee" Crowshaw's Zero Punctuation videos. It's a humorous statement that PC Gamers have a superior gaming experience on the technical level compared to the "Console Peasants" and nothing more beyond that. Implying anything else is ludicrous at best and woefully disingenuous at worst - does calling console gamers "Peasants" mean that we all live in a fiefdom now? If the term bothers you, don't use it and don't frequent the culture. It is not harming anyone nor is it a campaign to hurt anyone - it offends people who lack the ability to see a joke for a joke.


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