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Steam Summer Sale 2015 Roundup - June 13th (also, GOG!)

Gaming article by Shaun Joy on June 13, 2015 at 2:41 PM

It's now day 3 of the summer sale, and my fingers are starting to hurt. There's actually a lot more daily deals and flash sales this summer sale in particular, with 30 flash sales going on at any one time,  which is great for the consumer. Now for me trying to get this article out in a timely manner, that's a different story. Now, someone pointed out that it would be nice if we highlighted some GOG sales, and so I'm going to attempt to do that as well. Because that's what I'm here for: pointing out good games and sales associated with it. Because even with E3 and the hype train around the corner, there's a bunch of games that are currently out there that are worth getting that may have been overlooked.

[caption id="attachment_42942" align="aligncenter" width="506"]Literally, this should be posted on the front page of steam from now on. Literally, this should be posted on the front page of steam from now on.[/caption]

First of all, let's look at the daily deals:

  • Cities: Skylines - 33% off - What SimCity should have been, but this is the city simulator to own. And hundreds of mods. The game is worth it at this price, even if it's not the biggest discount. Any SimCity fan should jump on this.
  • Prison Architect - 85% off, Early Access - I admit, I have to jump out in for this price, even with the Early Access problem (it's still in early access, really?). Just by watching YouTube videos on it, it looks like fun. Probably one of the best deals here.
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - 50% off - One of the better games last year, and more of an Assassin's Creed then the series has attempted to be. Go read our review for more details. Note, that this is the game of the year edition as well, which means that you get all the DLC.
  • Counterstrike: Global Offensive - 50% off - Rutledge approved. One of the biggest FPS in today's market, and seems to be only growing. You probably have it already. Now note this is the same as what it has been during the rest of the sale.
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - 90% off - Some of the funnest melee combat over the last several years, especially in the first person perspective. It's fun time to just go around chopping limbs off.
  • The Wolf Among Us - 75% off - As put by Andrew Otton, "Don't go in expecting something on the same level as The Walking Dead, but if you are interested in the setting, give The Wolf Among Us a try." An 8/10 from him for season one.
  • Sunless Sea - 40% off - It wasn't my cup of tea due to its slow pace with combat, but if you want a roguelike/roguelite with a lot of creative narrative and interesting story lines, then this is up your alley.
  • Castle Crashers - 90% off - If you haven't played it yet and like beat em up multiplayer experiences, where have you been? It's a damn fun party game.
  • Various Borderlands Games - 67-80% off - Maybe the Pre-Sequel is worth it at a DLC like price at this point as the base game didn't do enough different from the series, but Borderlands 2 is still the best game of the series and worth it for the loot and writing.
  • The Evil Within - 75% off - Consider it for the action part of the experience, as it does has some good parts.  Overall, I'm not a fan with the levels don't work together, and consider reading the review I wrote.
  • Football Manager 2015 - 66% off - Are you ready for some football? Not that football. It's popular for a reason, but you probably already have it at this point if you were interested. Has a cult following for a reason.
  • Watchdogs - 60% off - Maybe? I still don't think it's worth it even at that price, but that may be the disappointment talking.
  • Spintires - 50% off - Mud Physics. It's a simulator type game that has a demo for you to try out before you decide to purchase it. Practical demos that can actually guarantee a sale? Who knew.
  • Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - 50% off -  Not the biggest RTS fan myself.  There's apparently a lot of replayability and a different setting in terms of Mythology being the main background of the game.
  • 7 Days To Die - 60% off, Early Access - An open world survival game. In Early Access. With zombies and crafting. Can I just say I'm tired of this genre?
[caption id="attachment_43218" align="aligncenter" width="269"]I'm still unsure how this game got so overlooked. I'm still unsure how this game got so overlooked.[/caption]

As for the highlights of the Flash Sales that end at 10 AM PST:

  • Lethal League - 66% off - This is Smash and Pong smashed together, and it's all around fun at every corner. It's been constantly overlooked in my opinion for very addictive gameplay, and is definitely worth it at this price.
  • Beseige - 15% off - Ok, it's in early access, but it's a fun creation game that the inner engineer in you can come out and play. Really interesting things can be built, has an addictive quality like Kerbal Space Program, and it's reasonably cheap.
  • Dreamfall Chapters - 50% off - Don Parsons indicated in his review of the first chapter that: "I found Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey – Book 1: Rebirth to be very well done though it was lacking in a couple places". Good for narrative-focused players.
Other games in the flash sales include: Construction Simulator 2015 (40% off), Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum (75% off), Broforce (33% off, Early Access), Tomb Raider Franchise Games (50-80% off), Battlefield Bad Company 2 (78% off), Stronghold Crusader II (66% off), Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power (25% off, Early Access), Deadlight (80% off), Rocksmith 2014 Edition (55% off), Caribbean! (40% off), Dreamfall Chapters (50% off), Rising World (15% off, Early Access), and Sherlock Holmes Franchise Games (10-80% off).

[caption id="attachment_43216" align="aligncenter" width="618"]You've always wanted to be a princess, admit it. You've always wanted to be a princess, admit it.[/caption]

Now, there was a set of games that were released at 10 PM PST yesterday that are still on sale, that will end at 10 PM PST tonight. The games include the highlights of:

  • Wings of Vi - 50% off - A challenging 2D platformer that's a bit unforgiving, but in the right ways. For those masochist types of players who really, really want a challenge.
  • Long Live The Queen - 80% off - A visual novel/simulator where you try not to die as an anime princess. Pretty much every gamers dream. It's actually got a lot of depth for the genre, and they've added content over the last 6 months. I approve.
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - 78% off - As LockeProposal said within the Steam Reviews section: "Nothing revolutionary, but the perfect scratch for your Action-Fantasy itch". That's pretty much the best way to sum the game up.
The remaining games in that 10 PM PST list include: The Last Remnant (50% off), Pacman Championship Edition DX+ (75% off), The Guild Collection (66% off), Victoria Collection (75% off), Minimum (75% off), Sonic Franchise Games (50-75% off), Lord of the Rings: War of the North (75% off), Salt (Early Access, 50% off), Battle Brothers (20% off), OMSI 2 (50% off), Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes (75% off).

And finally, there's the games that got unlocked with the Monster Clicker game that last until 10 AM PST tomorrow: Rock of Ages (80% off), Little Inferno (50% off), Forced (66% off), Gods Will Be Watching (60% off), Front Office Football Seven (15% off), Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic (55% off), Small World 2 (50% off), Memoria (75% off), and eden* (50% off).

[caption id="attachment_43217" align="aligncenter" width="587"]Hey, a ninja that's actually representative of being a ninja. Would you look at that. Hey, a ninja that's actually representative of being a ninja. Would you look at that.[/caption]

And by request of a user on twitter, I decided to also include some highlights from the GOG sale going on. The times here are different, so keep that in mind if you're taking a look at games over at the DRM free service.

  • Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition - 75% off - One of the best 2D stealth based ninjas game. In fact, is probably one of the best stealth games in general in terms of simple yet effective implementation. Worth it at that price.
  • Hardcore Roleplay Bundle - 80% off - Looking for old school RPGs that will kill a lot of your time and have you enjoy it most of the way? Look no further. Whether it be Avernum and it's deep set of content and quests, or looking for a Baldur's Gate like experience in the Geneforce Saga, you've got a lot of content here.
  • Invisible Inc. - 20% off - This is pretty good for a game released so close to the summer sale, a different spy like tactical RPG that focuses on hacking and not fighting/killing. And a very unique artstyle that makes it stand out. You can read a good review of it here.
  • Pier Solar and the Great Architects - 66% off - We need more old school RPG ports, because there was a golden age of them back in the days of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, and it provides a needed challenge. This game is for those old school RPG players.
  • Nox - 75% off - Remember playing this as a kid and loving the Diablo like game: but it's not Diablo. It's aged a bit, but if you never gave it a try, it's a good change up with more focus on traps and getting through the dungeons systematically.
And the Steam sales have already gotten to me in terms of my work. Instead of looking at a new game or creating other content, I ended up playing HuniePop last night. I blame Gabe Newell personally. Also fun match-3 dating games. But mostly Gabe Newell.

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