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Shoestring Gaming – War Games Vs. Rockstar

Gaming article by Kindra Pring on September 26, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Welcome once again to Shoestring Gaming, where we browse the Internet for the best deals this week so you know exactly where to get great games without having to burn a hole in your pocket. As always, this includes deals for PC and for consoles as well. Check out the deals below, keeping in mind that many of these sales are only temporary, so grab them while you have the chance. Also remember TechRaptor makes money off some of the links below, and some game purchases below. 

Usually I start off with Green Man Gaming, but this time we'll kick it off with Steam. Steam this weekend is holding a sale on all Stardock Entertainment games, which includes strategy games like The Political Machine and of galactic civilizations 3 featured imageGalactic Civilization III. You can also get the Stardock Bundle, which includes the entire Galactic Civilization series, as well as other science fiction and fantasy inspired strategy games by Stardock. That's eight titles for $50, so if you enjoy strategy, it's a great deal. As always, Steam has tons of other deals throughout their massive library. This week the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series has sales on both their titles plus their DLC. You can get Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition for just $10, or if you're looking for good software, Black Ink is 55% off. Fun fact: Deadpool is also 50% off, and it's listed in Steam under software

Moving on to Green Man Gaming, where there are quite a few themed sales going on. First, in honor of TwitchCon, GMG has several indie titles on sale for up to 75% off. This means many of these titles are less than a couple dollars, so there is likely at least one worth your money. Also this week you can get a ton of Rockstar games for gta-v-details-revealed-rockstar-0cheap, including old school Grand Theft Auto games for just a few bucks. If you're still looking to pick up Grand Theft Auto V, you can get that for 20% off. There's also the IMGN.PRO Bundle for 65% off, which includes Kholat and Spintires. And lastly, the Axis Game Creator Bundle, which includes a ton of creative games in which you can build worlds for you and your friends to play in. This weekend you can save 23% on purchases made at GreenManGaming by using the code 23PERC-AUTUMN-SAVING.

GOG has two major sales going on right now. First is for a relatively small collection of TellTale games, but all for great deals. The second is an absolutely massive collection of Nordic made games. This includes the Darksiders collection, The Black MirrorSpellforceGuild, and Painkiller. There are 37 games total, and you can buy them individually, or get all of them for just over $100, which for 37 games is an amazing price. On GOG right now, you can also get the System Shock: Enhanced Edition for 20% off. 

This weekend on GamesRepublic get Metro Redux games for up to 80% off. Also, if you look in their Monster Sale tab, you'll see even more deals on Rockstar games, as well as some other great sales. And make sure to also check out the TechRaptor GameFanShop, which always has naturally low prices. Use the code Raptorean to get an even Assassin's Creed Syndicatebetter deal.

On Gamersgate, there is a whole week of Ubisoft sales, which means all the Assassin's Creed for up to 75% off. Then for this weekend only you can get sales on Castlevania titles and save 75% off Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.

HumbleBundle's current regular bundle still features Total War games, but if you haven't picked it up yet, it will be over soon. Their Weekly Bundle focuses on arcade inspired indie titles, like Hotline Miami and Fez. Those proceeds go to The Ablegamers Foundation and Worldreader.  At their regular store, HumbleBundle is ALSO having their own Rockstar sale, so if you still want to pick up those Rockstar games but also give to a good cause, you can pick it up there. They have some other great sales as well

If PC isn't your thing, there are always some good deals on console as well. Xbox owners who have Xbox Live Gold can get deals on Devil May Cry titles, along with Alien: Isolation and Batman: Arkham Knight.

Playstation owners can also enjoy some Batman, as Sony celebrates Batman Week. All games in the Arkham series are on sale there. Meanwhile, you can also get save some money on Assassin's Creed games for the Playstation 3 and 4. And for once, if you look at the offers page for Nintendo, there are actually sales on third party games for the 3DS and Wii U. This is fairly rare so you might want to take a look at what they have to offer. 

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