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Shoestring Gaming - Black Friday, Cyber Monday and More!

Gaming article by Andrew Stretch on November 25, 2014 at 12:00 PM

That time of the year for gamers working on a shoestring budget is among us, Thanksgiving weekend with all the glory and death of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This week I'm going to be detailing as many different sales going on not just in physical stores but also in digital stores across America and around the World so if you want to find the best way to game on a budget then hopefully we can help you out.

Before I begin I do want to say that I will only be covering digital video games, but if you want to look at some impressive deals on hardware such as laptops, screens and other components then you can check out Johnathan's Deals Roundup of 11/22. For anyone willing to check out the physical deals going on in stores such as Walmart, Bestbuy or Amazon then you can check out the Black Friday Video Game Deals article by Tanis.

For everyone who is not willing to leave their homes and brave the busy stores there are plenty of deals that you can take advantage of from right where you're sitting!

Over at Steam at the moment they have their weekly sales going on, at the moment a couple of the big deals going on are things like Two Worlds II: Velvet edition with a whopping 86% off and and the Tropico trilogy for 75% off. Don't be too sad at the idea of there not being too many steam deals as the Steam Autumn sale is going to begin on Wednesday and we will have more information about that on Wednesday!

Tropico Trilogy
You can own all of the Tropico games on the cheap!

Over at GoG you can find that today is the last day of the Autumn sale offering up great deals such as the Ultimate D&D collection for 80% off and the Sam and Max collection for 90% off! A lot of the deals that you may have missed out on earlier this week are back too so if you did then check again and you may just be lucky enough to get a great collection of games for an even better price. This sale will end at 11:00 AM today EST so if you don't hop on this fast then you'll miss out.

GreenManGaming and PlayFire are once again teaming up to give gamers another great deal as you can now get 25% off their entire store. There are no extra conditions or limitations to the deal and will even work on recent titles such as Far Cry 4 or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. To take this deal you just need to head over to the Green Man Gaming website and when you get the offer to use a discount code you just enter in 1MZ9FW-H92JSD-2CT74F.

GMG discount code
Use the above code to get a great deal of 25% off everything!

That's all for the time being but stay tuned to TechRaptor to stay up to date on any of the great deals that are happening this week and on Wednesday come back to check out what is going on in the Steam Autumn Sale. Happy hunting and if you find any great deals then be sure to add them in the comments below to let everyone know!

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