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Shoestring Gaming 26/2 - Coop games to play with everyone!

Gaming article by Andrew Stretch on Thursday, February 26, 2015 - 11:00

Welcome to Shoestring Gaming, the weekly segment where we try to bring you the best deals for some really great games. This week for shoestring I have collected deals from Humble Bundle, Steam and our very own TechRaptor GameFanShop.


Humble Coop Bundle
Grab your friends and find a couch to enjoy these coop games together!

First up Humble Weekly Bundle gives a great selection of seven different great cooperative games to play with your friends and even helps us out by listing which ones are available for local coop or are only available online, most of which are local coop too which is nice. In this bundle, if you put in any amount of money then you will get Shadow Puppeteer, ibb and obb (which is actually a double pack so you can get a copy and your friend can get a copy) and Hero Siege. If you pay more than the average, which at the time of writing is only $6, then you will also get HammerWatch and Damned. For $10 or more then you can get a copy of FORCED and Contagion. From there is you want to have a friend, or even friends, share in the coop fun then for $17 you get two bundles and for $30 you can get 4 bundles to share around. This deal will only be available until 2:00pm EST today so if you want to get it then please act quickly!!!


Lego Pirates of the Carribean
Set sail on the high seas as you relive the story from the first four movies in Lego form!

Currently on steam you can get LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Video Game for 50% off putting it at $9.99. In LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean you get to take control of your favorite characters from the movies and trace your steps through the first four movie of the franchise from Jack Sparrows first arrival in Port Royale all the way to the discovery of the fountain of youth. A great part of this LEGO game and most recent LEGO games is the ability for smooth drop in/drop out coop allowing you to have a friend join you without having to return to any title screens.


Begin your search for the vault with Borderlands and Borderlands 2, be sure to also bring along some friends!

Finally from out very own GameFanShop, Borderlands GOTY and Borderlands 2 is going to be 75% off starting on the 27th all the way through till March 3rd. Borderlands and Borderlands 2 are both action role playing first person shooters where the player takes control of a vault hunter, a treasure seeker that was lured to the dangerous planet pandora in search of the fabled vault which is rumored to be a cache of incredible alien technology that has been hidden. It is your goal to explore pandora as well as fight off any opposing men or monsters as you try to search for this treasure trove.

What do you think of this weeks collection of game deals? Are there any that you're planning on picking up for yourself, or even a friend? Are there any deals that you think I have missed out on for the week?

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