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Gaming article by Andrew Stretch on Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 11:00

It's the last month of the year and this week on Shoestring it's time to start hanging the holiday decorations and join with your family to celebrate another year gone by, and what better way to celebrate it with some holiday deals? Everyone is coming out now with their own holiday deals where you can get games cheap and some even free. These are great for if you've already spent your budget on gifts for the family and need a new game for yourself or if you want to gift your friend a nice game without taking out a second mortgage.

Starting off close to home at the TechRaptor GameFanShop there are a lot of great sales going on this month. One of the big hits is L.A. Noire which can currently be picked up for $4.89. In L.A. Noire you're an LAPD detective who has to complete various noire styled cases from being on patrol or traffic cops all the way up to Vice and Arson. The game was developed by the now shut down Team Bondi and was published by Rockstar Games. Some features of this game that really stand out why it's something you should pick up is the open world of LA in the 1940's, the world that you travel through was recreated block by block by the development team based on aerial photos taken at the time. The realism of the world is only matched by the realism of the character models and more specifically their faces. Using a new type of facial motion capture Team Bondi hired real actors to be present for all of the interrogation segments of the game. While questioning suspects you will be able to ask questions and watch closely to even see any minute tells, movements or gestures to try to figure out whether the suspect is telling the truth or not.

LA Noire
Would you trust a face like that? or do you think that he's the culprit...

It's holiday season and plenty of online stores are having holiday themed deals and discounts. GreenManGaming is having 12 days of Festive deals where every day they are going to have a new discounted game available. On top of that there is also a 12 Days of Festive Indie Deals that is pretty much the same but for indie titles. I wish I could give you more information on what to expect but these deals will be going on every day until the 23rd of December and each game will only be revealed on that day.

GMG 12 days of deals

One last holiday deal comes from the Advent of Indies, an advent calendar where each day you get access to one free indie game and get shown some information about another indie game that you could purchase. This is a great way to check out some of the newer games on the indie market as well as show some exposure and support to these companies. With the advent of indies you're also able to go back and look at all of the games from the previous days and see if there's anything there that you would like too.

Finally as usual there are always weekly Steam sales going on, there are over 150 different sales going on for this week. For Xbox gamers you can see what Games with Gold are available currently for free as well as check out what PlayStation Plus games are available for free this month.

What do you think about these kinds of deals? any of these games you would particularly recommend? or any that you have found that you'd like to share?

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