Screenshot Survey: Giant Crab Headbutt

Published: May 17, 2015 3:42 PM /


Curious Expedition

Another week, another Screenshot Survey. This is the almost reliably weekly feature where we take a look at the best tweets to come out of any given #screenshotsaturday. Some are for games that don't exist yet, some are for new releases, and some feature outlandish things that I personally find amusing. They all tell the stories of game developers, and they're all worthy of a critical eye. Let's begin!

Here we have a horde of hammer wielding monkeys in overalls. You can tell they're evil because of their wicked goatees. The developers at Chocoarts certainly have a style here, with the comic book backgrounds setting the tone for a world where such monkey minions could flourish. One can only hope that our boy scout protagonist has a powerful slingshot or popgun in his rucksack to take on these foes in this as of yet unnamed shooter.

Here is a shot from Starfallen, a moody exploration based game with some wonderful craftsmanship put into the art. Only in motion can you really even tell that the characters on screen are sprites and not hand painted step by step. It really takes some effort to make the strange flora and fauna appear as natural as it does here. The game is already through Greenlight and is still early on in its development, but the developers at What Games have a solid foundation to build upon in the coming months. They have a cool company name as well.

Alright, that last game was a little too serious, let's bring this Screenshot Survey back with this concept art for what appears to be a chicken themed professional wrestler. With a mustache on his chest. Excellent. Gentlymad are currently splitting their time between finishing up puzzle platformer In Between and starting up this new project. For now, we only have this image and a waterlogged space marine to tease us about what the game could possibly be. I'll be sure to follow along and bring updates when it is known why the world champion has facial hair on his pectorals.

For those more interested in a game nearing release than nearing alpha, here is The Curious Expedition. This is a rougelike game where you venture off on an excursion with a group of historical figures from the 19th century. The game seeks to capture the feeling of an unknown world by throwing mythical creatures and dinosaurs at your party, while also challenging players with the consequences of travel. It's a good mixture of realism and fantasy, and it hits Early Access this coming Tuesday the 19th.

Probably because the game takes place in the 19th century. Clever.

Finally, we have Shape of the World. I included this tweet because this is the most interested I've ever been in what some would deem "walking simulators." Even moreso than Proteus, there is something about the minimalist yet surreal environments both here and on their site. I'm not entirely sure what that something is, but I'm definitely intrigued. The game isn't out until 2016, but I'm willing to wait, and hopefully the developers are considering their VR options along the way.

What virtual worlds are you looking forward to visiting in a headset? Do you think the chicken themed wrestler prefers boneless or bone-in chicken wings? Answer these questions or don't in the comments below and join me next week when we do the Screenshot Survey all over again!


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