Raptor Picks 2014 - PlayStation 4

Raptor Picks 2014


Raptor Picks 2014 - PlayStation 4

January 14, 2015

By: Don Parsons


The Playstation 4 enjoyed a powerful position in its first full year, outselling the Xbox One for the majority of 2014. It was helped as well by a larger library of Playstation exclusives than the Xbox had, and like Nintendo has, began to more aggressively leverage its back titles onto the new console. 2014 saw several historical games from PlayStation history, such as Suikoden, make their way onto the PlayStation 4 and more should be coming in the year ahead.

Still that doesn't really discuss the games the PlayStation 4 had this year that made it out. The PlayStation 4 picks for the year has a repeat with the Xbox One list, but like the Xbox One, an exclusive title took the prize for the PlayStation 4. Unlike the XBox One where there were several close titles, there was no doubt for the raptor staff on their pick for favourite PlayStation 4 game with the winner capturing over 65% of the votes. -- Don Parsons


Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age™_ Inquisition_7

Dragon Age: Inquisition was the first big RPG to hit the new generation of consoles, and Bioware's third installment in their fantasy franchise was a return to form, our review giving it a 9 out of 10. Stretching an entire continent, across two kingdoms, the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition is diverse and incredibly beautiful, filled with beautiful vistas and gorgeous backdrops, plenty of secrets to uncover, and stories to get lost in.Exploring Ferelden, from the thunderous waters of the Storm Coast, the beautiful green landscapes of the Hinterlands, and the murky, perilous swamps of The Fallow Mire, to the glorious courts, deserts and demon-infested winter wonderlands of Orlais, all to a superb orchestral soundtrack (In best epic fantasy style) was a pleasure.

What makes this RPG special, though, is its vibrant cast of memorable characters. All carefully crafted and written, they'll have you lost in conversation, hungry for new topics discuss, new adventures to reminisce in unison. Dragon Age: Inquisition wouldn't have been half the experience it is without its wonderful characters and brilliant writing. Its world, its characters, its writing - those are the reasons why I think its one of the best PS4 games of the year, and why it thoroughly deserves its place on this list. -- Marc Flink


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Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

2014 was a year of Xenomorph redemption. Fans of the original masterpiece of a horror film, helmed by Ridley Scott, couldn't even have hoped for such a faithful representation in videogame form. The thing that separates awful/mediocre horror from great horror is the reliance on jump-scares to "entertain" the audience. One of the reasons why Alien is regarded as one of the greatest horror films of all time is no doubt its relentless atmosphere, sharper and more penetrating than the teeth of the alien itself. Its atmosphere and tension was a thousand times more powerful than any jump-scare, and Creative Assembly managed to transfer that very same feeling, perhaps even in an amplified state given the interactive nature of games, into Alien: Isolation.


It's not a game about slaughtering hordes of enemies, but about survival. You know full well that you can't kill the Alien; you know that the only option is to hide or run and hope for the best. The fact that even saving your progress feels perilous Alien: Isolation, and that combat really isn't much of an option, the fact that the alien is as unpredictable and smart as it was in the films... It all makes for an incredibly powerful, nerve-wrecking experience. It's the perfect Alien game, and probably one of the best horror games we've ever been blessed with. It thoroughly deserves a spot on the list. -- Marc Flink

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Little Big Planet 3

Little Big Planet 3

In an age of shooters and a focus on gritty realism, it is an absolute joy to know that Little Big Planet exists. LBP is for all ages, whether you're building complicated games within the game, making amazing courses, playing with your kids, or if you're just exploring the wacky world of Little Big Planet, you're sure to have a great time. The charming artstyle takes you to a place without worry, where every touch is magical.

Little Big Planet 3 features uncountable amounts of levels because of backwards compatibility, and the creation tools have been improved in the newest outing, making it even easier to create the levels you want to create. It's a very well-loved franchise, and for obvious reasons. It's intuitive, charming, creative, and more important than anything else: IT'S FUN! It's just fun! And because of that, it surely deserves its place as one of the best PlayStation 4 games of 2014. -- Marc Flink


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 Runner Up: Far Cry 4 

far cry 4 review pagan min

Far Cry 4 is the latest iteration of the now globally known Ubisoft franchise. Its predecessor was a first-person shooter that featured an uncommonly stark narrative and infamously unhinged villain. Far Cry 4 follows the same formula to a large degree, offering a new cast of characters, gripping car chases, mass explosions and a chance for players to view a scenic, foreign world.

In this category, Far Cry 4 came in at a distant second for the TechRaptor team. I can hardly blame anyone as while Far Cry plays well on PlayStation, in general it has always been a very visual franchise. Many fans with a powerful enough PC should try the game there first as the visual experience is far more impacting. This is not the case for many I assume, so considering the current lineup offered on the PlayStation 4 I would list buying Far Cry 4 as an easy choice. -- Thomas Nelson

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Top Pick: Infamous: Second Son

infamous 4

Infamous: Second Son is the latest and most successful entry in the franchise. It was one of the early releases with the PlayStation 4 and remains its strongest exclusive. Infamous: Second Son is a open world adventure game featuring Deslin Rowe, a young and fiery protagonist that has superpowered abilities. The game takes place in a highly controlled and isolated Seattle. A new faction within the U.S government has rounded up and imprisoned powered citizens. Using a series of increasingly powerful abilities Deslin has come of Seattle to free the imprisoned people, defeat the newly built police state and morally come to terms with what sort of hero he is.

Prior to this iteration, I was not a fan of the Infamous franchise. I disliked the previous two games but was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this latest title. It is easy to criticize some elements of the game, such as the side missions and a few disjointed characters, but overall this is one best games on the PlayStation 4. The setting is one of the best of the year, and with the exception of a few poorly crafted enemy bases, this game stands out as visually remarkable. The characters can be considered appealing or repulsive depending on the player and the playthrough. I found the “good” side of the morality system to be rather tedious and unappealing. Infamous: Second Son could have been a contender for one of the best games of the year had some of the characters been created stronger or left out entirely and the setting utilized for more than parkour mayhem. -- Thomas Nelson

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And that's how we saw the PlayStation 4 this year. With lots of high profile things coming this year, as well as the expected expansion of PlayStation Now, the PlayStation 4's library should continue to grow at great rates and provide more great games for everyone.

What do you think about our picks for the PlayStation 4? Do you think we missed something? Tell us in the comments below!