Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright sure has a great soundtrack

09/12/2014 - 09:00 | By: Seth Kellen

Let's take a minute to reflect on how supremely awesome and atmospheric the Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright soundtrack is. The music is produced as a collaboration between veteran Layton series composer Tomohito Nishiura and Yasumasa Kitagawa, as well as some extra involvement from other Layton composers Yumiko Hashizume and Norihito Sumitomo. With tunes arrangements coming from both respective series, as well as unique compositions exclusive to the game, the soundtrack aims to provide proper atmosphere to the medieval setting of the mystery puzzle game.

The game has a massive amount of songs. The OST clocks in at 4 discs, and though some of them are re-arrangements of different themes, a staggering amount of them are new songs. I've sifted through them and will be presenting my favorites below.

The songs involve a heavy use of piano with acoustic instruments (sometimes), and give it a very lounge & smooth jazz feel, for the exploration and exposition segments. The trial scenes ramp it up with more energetic tempos and dramatic flair, and the remixes from the Phoenix Wright games are particularly effective.

Listen if you like: quiet, sophisticated, and atmospheric background noise. Most of it has the same feel, and the medieval influence is apparent through the whole thing.


Recommended usage: background music for a wine tasting party / walking alone down cobblestone streets under warm yellow streetlamp light.

Puzzles 6 (vs. Arrangement)

[audio mp3="…"][/audio]

Logic and Baroque

[audio mp3="…"][/audio]

Omen ~ Footfalls of Turnabout


[audio mp3="…"][/audio]

The Stake's Witness

[audio mp3="…"][/audio]

The City at Night


[audio mp3="…"][/audio]

In the Shadows ~ The Witches' Prelude

[audio mp3="…"][/audio]

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