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This conference is a bit harder to predict. It's pretty obvious what you can speculate on with newcomers to E3 2015 like Bethesda or Square Enix, but the PC Gaming Show is a whole different entity. However, they a list of "participants" from which we should be able to speculate aplenty:

  • AMD
  • XBOX
So let's go down the list. It's quite possible that AMD does announce something PC-related at the conference, possibly an answer to some of NVIDIA's shenanigans to try to catch up. What that might be exactly, maybe a graphics card, isn't really known but wouldn't exactly be a surprise considering the entire show is devoted to PC gaming.

Arenanet could definitely be showing off/announcing something with the expansion to Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, which was announced back in January. Blizzard, on the other hand, won't have a lot I'd be guessing, considering they have Blizzcon for all of their big announcements. At most, they'll probably show something from Overwatch off.

Bohemia Interactive is best known for the ARMA series, but DayZ has been in development for a while from them as well, which has been quite the popular game on things like YouTube. My best guess would be something DayZ related if anything, especially since Dean Hall, its creator, is listed as one of the participants.

CCP Games is the developer behind EVE Online, leaving plenty of stuff for them to possibly announce. Though it will likely not have anything to do directly with EVE Online itself, but may be related to what is known as Project Legion, an FPS that looks to fix some of the issues with Dust 514.

Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games and Gears of War fame is also listed there. He recently left Epic Games to do his own thing, of which we only really know the name of so far: BlueStreak. They recently showed off some Pre-Alpha stuff at PAX East, so will E3 be their time to show off some gameplay? Who knows.

Cloud Imperium Games are the people behind Star Citizen, so what they are likely to show is as good as anyone else's guess. Release date maybe? Probably not. They'll probably be showing video of something tantalizing and maybe a more specific release window.

Creative Assembly makes the PC-staple Total War series. And seeing as they recently announced a new game, Total War: Warhammer, I have no doubt there may be something regarding it there.

Devolver Digital is a little more difficult to pin down as they publish a lot of different things. My best guess would be a showcase of some indie games and maybe something from the recently announced Shadow Warrior 2. I would bet they show off something new here from some indie team we haven't seen yet though.

Frictional Games, creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, will most assuredly be showing off something from their upcoming game, SOMA. They've shown off a good amount of gameplay so far, so who knows exactly what they'll show off for E3. Maybe some more, maybe something detailing the store some. Whatever it is, it will be SOMA related. I'm especially confident considering they just released their E3 2015 trailer.

Fullbright is the company behind Gone Home. They announced the title of their new game, Tacoma, along with a short teaser, which makes it feel like Gone Home in space. My guess would be they reveal their first real trailer of the game and talk about the setting/story some more.

Nexon is a publisher that does a lot to bring games to Asia, particularly South Korea. They are also attached to Bleszinski's BlueStreak, so their name might be included to just speak on that. They also have MapleStory 2 on the way, so maybe they'll show some stuff of regarding that.

Paradox Interactive has a ton of PC-centric games they could be talking about, but we do know that Hearts of Iron IV is in development and doesn't have a set release date yet so they may have something for fans there. Of course, they have a ton of other franchises that haven't seen a new release in a while, like Crusader Kings, that they could surprise us with another installment.

Pixel Titans is a team making a 1996 FPS shooter inspired game called Strafe. It was recently funded on Kickstarter and is currently in development. If they are there to show some stuff off during the conference, that would be pretty cool, considering it will be giving a big stage to a smaller team.

SCS Software is the team behind many trucker simulator games, the series people are most likely familiar with is Euro Truck Simulator. Could a sequel for that be announced? Or could we be seeing some of the new franchise, American Truck Simulator? Or maybe something on Euro Coach Simulator? The possibilities are endless.

Splash Damage Games has done a little bit of everything, most infamously Brink, so what they may be bringing to the table is a little unknown. Seeing as they don't have anything in development at the moment, my best guess is that something new will be announced from them.

Square Enix showing up is a bit odd and what they speak on here will likely be largely dependent on what they bring up at their own conference. But, seeing as this is centered on PC, they may talk of some more releases of their games on PC, some HD releases on PC, or maybe, just maybe, letting us know that Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PC. Probably not.

Tripwire Interactive recently released Killing Floor 2, so they probably won't be saying much about that. However, it has been a few years since a Red Orchestra game, so maybe they'll be announcing that. Then again, and much more unlikely, maybe they have a new IP in the works.

Finally, Xbox will be there in some fashion. I haven't the slightest idea what they'll talk about really, but maybe Fable Legends? That will likely be shown at their conference so I'm not too sure. Most likely, whatever they show here will be an extension of their own conference.

There you have it, what may or may not be shown at the PC Gaming show at E3 2015. Going through the list, it seems very optimistic that we'll see something from each participant, but why else list them there? If every single one gets some stage time it will only average out to about 10 minutes a piece. So I suppose we'll see what happens.

Is there anything you think we missed? Anything you would like to see from some of the companies listed above? Let us know in the comments.

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