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Once again for E3 2015, EA is one of the big companies that is having a presentation over the three days of keynotes this year. Over the past year, EA has released a fair amount of games, spanning the genres from sports to action RPG and even a third person shooter. That's not why you're here though, so lets go over some predictions on what we should be seeing at the EA keynote this year.

EA Sports Games
How can EA not talk about all of their 2016 iterations for their sports games?

If we're going to start somewhere we might as well start with the obvious, EA Sports. A part of EA so iconic that even if you don't play the games you know just how "It's in the game" is meant to be said. EA Sports has always showed up at E3 in some form or another so we can pretty much assure that any of the games from the franchise including FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, NHL and UFC will be shown. Accompanying this expect to see a couple of your favorite stars from some of the sports show up to talk to us about what great new features we can expect to show up in the latest iterations of these popular titles.

Sims 4
After the great outdoors where will sims go next?

One thing that we can probably expect to see is another update to one of EA's biggest franchises, The Sims. After the release of The Sims 4 last year, we have seen one expansion pack and one game pack, as well as making the game playable on OSX. We will most likely see a DLC or two that might include from as little as some new ambitions, all the way to a new place for your sims to explore or a new set of activities for your sim to partake in.

Hardline Tazing
Will Battlefield 5 be on the table?

Some games series that we haven't seen an entry in for a while that we may see something in could be a new main entry in the Battlefield franchise or Crysis since their last entries were in 2013.  One other entry that would do well for a new installment is Skate now that Tony Hawk Pro Skater is coming back.

Will we finally get to see more of Faith this year?

Looking back at last years E3 there were a couple of titles shown off that we will probably be seeing a lot more from, which includes the latest Battlefront game, Mirrors Edge 2, Mass Effect 4 and the untitled extreme sports game being created by Criterion. We have also learnt recently that we should be expecting a new Need for Speed game in the near future so a little something will probably be shown at E3. Last year specifically for Mass Effect and the new Criterion game, we weren't shown anything except for the developers talking about what they plan to do with the games and some extremely extremely alpha footage, so hopefully a more fleshed out reveal will come.

Sadly there are some things that we know that we wont be seeing at all specifically anything from Respawn Entertainment who have said that they don't plan on showing any of Titanfall 2 or their other non Titanfall game at E3 at all.

What do you think of our predictions for EA's presetation at E3 2015? Is there anything that you would like to see? What games are you most looking forward to from EA?

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