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In the list of movies about technology TRON has to be the first one that comes to a lot of people's minds. In this movie a video game maker, Flynn, gets abducted into a mainframe after trying to retrieve data and ends up being put in various games where he must fight for his life. The most recognizable of these arguably is Light Cycles, a game where each racer has to block off his opponents exits by creating a wall behind them. Using Oculus Rift you can play Light Bike like never before.

A version of the Light Cycle game was originally released as an arcade machine called Tron where in one of the game modes you could play as the blue light cycle and attempt to take out the other racers. Originally the game was on a grid based system but now Light Cycles is available for the Oculus Rift allowing you to really be in the game.

TRON: Light Cycles starts, rather abruptly, as the game begins while the Oculus safety warnings are still on-screen. From there you're able to play continuous rounds of light cycle from a first person perspective avoiding enemy lines while trying to lead your opponents into yours. There isn't much else to this game but it's a game that fans of TRON and the light cycle games have been waiting for. The one large change between this version and prior iterations of light cycles are that TRON: Light Cycles for the Oculus Rift isn't built on a grid based world and instead you have to turn the vehicle more naturally.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2DVhC3jLkY&w=420&h=315]

The Oculus Rift gives you a real sense of being in the world of the TRON games as while driving you can look around and check to see if any of your opponents are around you but it is advised that you keep an eye out ahead of you as well to ensure survival. A warning that this is a game that will likely give you motion sickness if you are prone to getting it so be sure not to play it for too long a stretch of time without pacing yourself. If you want to try out this game you can head over to the TRON: Light Cycles Share VR page and download the latest version.

What do you think of getting to live in the world of TRON? Are there any old movies that you would wish someone could create in Oculus Rift?

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