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Video games have always challenged gamers with new puzzles and experiences to solve whether it be figuring out the attack pattern of a boss or if you're challenged to thinking with portals. While puzzle games aren't everyone's idea of a fun time for those who enjoy a challenge on the Oculus Rift you can try Qbeh-1 by Liquid Flower. In this game you have to traverse floating rooms collecting and placing cubes to help yourself progress to the end door way. Qbeh-1 is also one of the games that currently utilizes Steams Virtual Reality mode.

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Qbeh-1 is a first person puzzler in the same vein as games such as Portal which compel the players to think laterally and use what resources they have to complete the tasks ahead of you. The only way you are able to interact and change the environment around you is by stacking cubes off yellow tiles. There are many different colors of cubes that all react differently when placed, some examples of these colors are the red cubes which are just stackable, the green cubes which travel away and towards the yellow tile and even a purple cube that alters the gravity around it. By using these cubes as well as traditional platforming elements you work your way through levels trying to power up the Atlas. Qbeh-1 is the prequel to Liquid Flowers Games' original Qbeh taking concepts that were initially introduced in the original and adding and developing to create an even more puzzling experience.

The mixture of the simple yet pleasant graphics and the calming soundtrack mesh together with the Oculus Rift to make an immersive and relaxing experience whilst also challenging the way that you look at the world. This game is playable on a regular monitor but to see the world around you and feel a part of it the Oculus Rift is an excellent way to play. It is recommended though to play this game with a gamepad of some kind but the keyboard and mouse controls work. This would be a game that those who are prone to feeling motion sick while using the Oculus Rift may want to avoid too.

Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube is currently available on Steam and for those who aren't sure if they want to purchase it there is also a demo which allows you to play the first three levels of the game. At the moment, until the 2nd of January, Qbeh-1 is also discounted by 66% so if you want to get the game now may be the time. If you try it out and you like the music then you can also check out the soundtrack available on Bandcamp

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