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The next gen console race is up and running. The lines have been out the door for everyone. Pre-orders have been sold and picked up. Reviews of all the cool new features and the complaints of the defects are in. As a normal gamer with an Xbox 360 people have been asking me about what my Next Gen Console is going to be. There have been countless fights between my friends and deep dicussions about it and I have finally came to the conclusion of which one I'm going to be rocking into the New Year. My next-gen console is going to be my old console. Here's why: There are many different reasons why I'm not upgrading. Yes this will be focused on the Xbox 360 because that's what I own, but most of these arguments are still valid for Playstation people. I would call myself a reformed hardcore gamer. I play when I can and normally after the kids go to bed. There is some gaming going on during the day, but it's normally a family thing. That being said the cost does play into it a bit.

The price does not outweigh the new features

The Xbox One is amazing, it looks awesome and the Kinect features impressed me. The PS4 is a powerful machine and nice as well. I can still fluff them both with clouds and rainbows but if we cut into it the next gen consoles are currently a minor step up from before. Upgraded drives, faster memory, improved interface. All should be expected. Were there any mind-numbing new features? Any crazy new accessory? Nope. Yes, they are all pretty and amazing. Yes, I'm jealous of their interface. Yes, I want to see the new Kinect reading my heart rate right now. But is it worth draining my bank account with kids? Nope. Will I be saving for it. Hell yes I am! Just not there yet. When it comes down to it, The Xbox One interface just adds live TV to what is on the Xbox 360, I can save $500 and hit the 'Input' button on my TV for a while. The entertainment aspect that the Xbox One sports is all on the 360 as well. The DNLA works just fine to watch movies (which they stripped out of the PS4), I don't need to broadcast to all of my friends how quickly I can die in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It would be awesome to, but not needed. I know that I watered this down to the bare necessities, but I haven't Skyped with anyone in ages, so I don't know how much I would do it now. Not to mention all of the games that I have downloaded. Actually to mention it...

Losing everything (and starting over) sucks

Yes, I know that I can keep my Gamerscore so it doesn't look like I'm completely new but a lot of my games that I have right now are all digital on Games On Demand. Gone if I upgrade. Instead of buying my daughters $60 games that they will play once, I have a bunch of Xbox Live Arcade games that were cheap that they only played once. Gone if I upgrade. Finally getting my home network to recognize my 360 and not kick anything else off, while seeing it as a media extender (yessss). Gone if I upgrade (nooooo). Speaking of media...

Media is media, and I'm OK with hitting an Input button (for now)

Like I said, my Xbox 360 works just fine as a media center of my living room. Well, part of the media center. Mine is currently an embarrassing 3 boxes. A cable box, my 360, the headphone stand (doesn't really count), and my sound bar sub woofer. It's a shame really, in this new day and age, having to press the input button on one of many remotes to switch between them. My youngest daughter has figured it out how to switch the input and turn the xbox on. Sure I would love just speak a few words and *BOOM* everything is there and running. But I live with my two kids and slightly technically inclined fiancee. This means if I change anything, I have to reteach everyone how to do it. In our mind that seems simple, with the simple voice interface and everything, but it's not. Trust me. It. Is. Not. But now it's time to be a little selfish.

There are still too many 360 games I haven't played yet

Let's see...there's Diablo III, Assassin's Creed 4, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Saints Row 4, GTA 5, Rocksmith 2014...and that's just the past MONTH. Trust me, there are plenty more that I haven't got my hands on that are before them. These are great great games. Just because they are now on a 'last-gen' system doesn't make them any worse. Another great thing is that by the time I get to play these, they will be cheaper and some may even be in the Game Of The Year edition and save me even more money. Hell, I have games that I have bought that still have the wrapper on them (we've all been there) that are last year. The quality of games have increased over the years with both consoles and they are amazing. Just take a look at Halo 2 and compare it to Halo 4 if you need a refesher. Even a better refresher, dust off your Call of Duty 2 and pop it in and take a look at Ghosts. Same hardware, just better programming. The best is yet to come for these new consoles. I can wait. As for the new games coming out...

Most of the new 'Next Gen' games are coming out for the old gen still

The most anticipated games that are coming out for next gen in my eyes: Destiny, Titanfall, Watch Dogs, LocoCycle, Theif.. they are all coming out for the 360 as well. I'm sure there are tons of visual differences but unless they are cutting out major portions of the game, I'm sure that they will be just fine with the 360. "Yeah, Titanfall is coming out for the 360...butttt you won't be getting the mechs." If that happens then I might change my mind. Until I catch up on the other games these games will suffice just fine on the 360. And like I said before...

The best is yet to come for the Next Gen

We all know it will happen sooner or later, there will be price cuts. There will be revamps on the console design. The games will be even out of this world. The apps will be more amazing. I know that Xbox One Day One achievement would be amazing to get. But these consoles don't even know their own potential yet. In this case, as history has shown us, patience is a virtue. I'm sure the there are plenty of people who want to nay say things in this. I'm not discrediting anything about the new consoles. I've had arguments with myself about this that would make the insane look at me weirdly. I have been round and round with my friends and family. I even turned down someone buying me one for Christmas (What? Yeah, I know). But early adopting wasn't convincing enough in the long run. I will be jealous of all my friends when they get them and I'm sure that the peer pressure will push me closer to getting it before I want to. But until then I'll play my 360 until it burns out.

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