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As 2014 starts roll in, everyone always stops what they are doing to think about the great Videogame titles that are coming out  over the next year. Some come out in the beginning, middle and end. No matter when the release date is we all know one thing. WE CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THEM! For some, it’s those games that Bungie makes, for others it’s a first party Nintendo game. For me it happened to be my most anticipated PS4 launch title that quite didn't make it… no no, not Rayman Legends, I am talking Watch Dogs. If you've never heard of Watch Dogs please enjoy this exciting overview of what greatness is to come!

The generous folks over at Ubisoft Montreal who brought us great franchises like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Prince of Persia decided to tackle a new project which drops players in the middle of my hometown Chicago, Illinois and gives you control of the Irish Vigilante Aiden Pearce, who happens to be a highly skilled Hacker. The game is an open world action-adventure title that allows players and Aiden to hack into various electronic devices such as phones and traffic lights to cause disruption throughout the cities central operating system (ctOS). Combat will give players a nice mix of parkour,stealth and a pinch of third-person cover based elements. For all the hungry multiplayer wolves out there, Watch Dogs has a different sort of “multiplayer” experience. For instance, let’s say you are in single-player hacking the heck out of people’s smartphones grabbing data from all sorts of pedestrians causing chaos like nobody’s business. Without a trace, a second player is dropped into your game, and before you know it you’re a victim of your own device! You do not realize you are being hacked until the second player is spotted. Once this occurs, your objective immediately changes and you are required to use your hacking skills back and install a backdoor virus on the second players device that deletes the data that they are retrieving (pretty sweet, you’re right!). After the virus is planted the player must find a hiding spot and wait for the virus to attack. After the attack is complete, the second player is alerted and then given the choice to kill player one, or cause player one to flee which would then stop the virus from attacking.

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Why does Watch Dogs get my most anticipated game for 2014 ?? For one, this game has been in development for a long time and was initially supposed to be a launch title for the next-gen consoles, however it was delayed because Ubi Montreal wanted to make the best possible game they could for both current-gen and next-gen consoles.  Another reason “ctOS Mobile” , I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Well, what the heck is that?” “ctOS mobile” is a free app for your Android and/or iOS device that will give players who don’t even necessarily own the game a chance to mess up yours! Launch the app, find a console-based player that you want to mess with, complete the challenges, and really screw up the other players day! Sounds great to me, as long as I am the one on the mobile phone.

Running through the streets of Chicago has never been this fun, or looked this good!
Running through the streets of Chicago has never been this fun, or looked this good!

Should you care about Watch Dogs? That is completely up to you, but let’s look at Ubisoft’s Montreals track record of successful games with everything from Splinter Cell and Assassin's creed, to Rainbow Six and Far Cry. The studio has a lot of triple a titles and hoping Watch Dogs will be another, snagging home best action/adventure game at E3 2013. Also, there has been speculation that the Watch Dogs universe and Assassin’s Creed universe will tie in somehow. No doubt 2014 will be a huge year for Videogames with titles like Destiny,Titanfall, and inFAMOUS-Second Son just to name a few. Ubisoft has high hopes that Watch Dogs will be able to walk tall among giants, but only time will tell.

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